E3 is one of the biggest gaming expos of all time and, every year, it gets better and better. And every year, gamers from all around the globe tune in to see what's new and what's popping. So far, the biggest game of 2018 is "God of War" and that game is definitely making huge strides.

But that's for the first half of 2018. Down the road, we'll also have the chance to play "Marvel's Spider-Man" and "Red Dead Redemption 2," which recently got the release date of October 26. But what else are we getting this year? What else is there to look forward to in the next two years?

Let's dig in.

Pokémon RPG for the Switch

We don't know a single thing about this game, but nevertheless, everyone is very excited to hear what's to come with this game. As stated by Nintendo's "Pokémon Ultra Sun" and "Pokémon Ultra Moon" would be the last core Pokémon Games on the Nintendo 3DS. With the core Pokémon series moving to the Switch, no one can even begin to fathom what this game will look like or how it will play. Here's to hoping they put this game out this year, or at the very least, we get more information.

'Metroid Prime 4'

Before the release of "Metroid: Samus Returns," it had been too long since we'd had a solid Metroid game. So, when we got this teaser, it was completely logical for fans to leap out of chairs and pump their fists in the air.

This is another game that's been kept on the hush-hush. However, it is very comforting to know that Nintendo is working on this game.

'Halo 6'

For the longest time, Halo has been Microsoft's best IP, but unfortunately, there hasn't been any indication that this game is going to be shown off at E3. All of the information out there is pure speculation.

In a perfect world, it'd be very nice if the game was announced at E3 and released in the holiday season. It's also logical for this game to be released this year because it's been about three years since the release of "Halo 5: Guardians," but at the same time, Microsoft needs to go big with this game if they want to compete with Sony.

So, expecting this game to come out in 2019 is another logical guess. But for now, all we can do is twiddle our thumbs and wait.

'Cyberpunk 2077'

This game was shown off at E3 2013 with this very attractive teaser and that was it. That's all we got. For five years, people were left wondering what had occurred with the game. But to ring in the new year, the game's Twitter account broke the silence.

As hilarious as this seems, people lost their minds. Everyone's faith in the game has been restored and they're eager for more details. And there's no doubt that this game is going to be outstanding because this is the same company that produced The Witcher 3, which won numerous Game of the Year awards.

And thankfully, according to IGN, CD Projekt Red will be in attendance with an unspecified RPG, which is most likely "Cyberpunk 2077."

'Super Smash Bros' for the Switch

By far, one of the biggest announcements of 2018 and of course, it will most likely be one of the biggest games released this year. And that's really nice to know because when a game is first announced, gamers typically wait about a year or three. But with "Super Smash Bros?" That isn't the case. Nintendo is also doing an invitational event for Super Smash Bros, so not only will we see which characters are in the roster, but we'll get a chance to see everyone's moves and how they play.

'The Last of Us 2'

The biggest game on PS3 and one of the biggest games on the PS4 is getting a sequel and everyone wants to see their favorite zombie-fighting pair in action.

The time difference between the first and second game is pretty significant and there are so many questions that still need to be answered. Who is Ellie going to kill? Is Joel still around? Who were the other characters shown off in the game's second trailer? How bad is the zombie epidemic? This sequel has the chance to send fans through another emotional and traumatic journey, and they're all ready for it.


At last year's E3, BioWare and EA announced this new IP and what's very nice about this game is that so much gameplay shown off. In this game, players will take on the role of a Freelancer that commandeers these exo-suits called Javelins. They will fly and jump around in this open world environment and complete missions as they come and go.

They can also form a squad of four players and complete the quests together. And according to Game Rant, the studio is working hard to deliver polished content for the big conferences.

'Death Stranding'

For the longest time, Konami was controlling Hideo Kojima like a puppet. Once Kojima was able to quit from the infamous company, everyone rejoiced because it meant that Kojima finally had the ability to do anything he damn well pleases. And to start things off with a bang, he's unveiled his mysterious new IP at E3 2016. This game has invisible monsters, Norman Reedus is the protagonist, and Guillermo del Toro is somehow involved too. No one has any idea what the story is going to be about, but that's okay.

Because in Kojima we trust.

That's not all

The games on this list are some of the biggest games that have yet to come out, but there are still so many more games that people want to get their hands on. Games like "Kingdom Hearts III," "Days Gone," the "Final Fantasy VII" remake, "Beyond Good and Evil 2," From Software's new IP that still doesn't have a title, and so much more.

Prepare your wallets, because it's about to be a costly year.