The latest updates for the "Spider-Man" PS4 game reveal new gameplay features and possible bonus items. Game director Bryan Intihar talked about the exciting features that they are hatching for the "Spidey" game during an interview with Game Informer (via PlayStationLifeStyle). He already discussed a lot of things about its development from storytelling, combat details, web-swinging, and using web-based gadgets.

The new "Spider-Man" game will focus on Peter Parker trying to balance his normal life and his priorities as a crime-fighting superhero in New York.

Peter is faced with a new enemy named Martin Li a.k.a. Mister Negative as he terrorizes the city with his gang The Demons.

Weather control and no fall damage

According to Bryan Intihar, players and Marvel fans will have a new gameplay feature in the "Spider-Man" video game that allows them to change the weather and time of the day. But there is a catch as they must first complete the game to unlock this feature.

"That being said, when you do finish the game you can actually change the time of the day and yourself manually," Intihar told Game Informer.

The game director also revealed that there will not be any fall damage in the "Spider-Man" game. Players can unlock a certain skill that will allow them to swing back on the city whenever they are about to fall down.

Players can patrol the city as Spidey, and fight crime and save many lives as they progress in the story. Mary Jane Watson will also be a playable character as she will use her investigative reporter skills to find clues against Martin Li and his plans for the city.

Spidey will also encounter old and familiar characters in the game such as Aunt May, Miles Morales, Norman Osborn, Wilson Fisk, and Shocker.

Black suit confirmed

Intihar revealed that the fan-favorite Black Spidey outfit will be available in the game, although he stated that players will not encounter any symbiotes. Initially appearing as a replacement for Peter's classic suit after being damaged during the "Secret Wars" arc, the suite is actually an alien parasite the gave Peter a tremendous power boost and aggressive personality at the cost of being taken over by it.

The suit also gave birth to Venom after Peter gets rid of it and bonded with Eddie Brock. Insomniac Games already announced five Spidey outfits and they are Spider-Punk, Iron Spider from "Avengers: Infinity War," the classic Spidey suit, Noir, and an unknown suit they will reveal in July.