In the past couple of days, there have been some rumors going around about the alleged "Pokémon" starters of the 8th Generation. It's basically a routine nowadays for new images of "Pokémon" starters and evolutions to pop-up after a year or two of the previous generation release, Adding to that, there have been three images, containing the framed concept art of the rumored new starters, circulating the internet in the past few days.

According to SkinnySnubbull, the grass type starter resembles a cave bear which will eventually evolve into a Grass/Electric type Pokémon, the fire type starter looks like a pony and its evolution is a dual type i.e.

Fire/Steel, and the water type starter will retain its type and is based on a coral.

'Pokemon' images

See the images that were leaked below.

It will take a while before we get any official news about Generation 8 Pokémon, but nothing is stopping "Pokémon" fans from spreading these rumors until then. Despite that, the "Pokémon" fans are still doubting that these concept artworks are fake because similar pictures were posted online back in 2016 before the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon.

The art revealed the final evolution forms of Litten, Rowlet, and Popplio, but they were dismissed as fake and eventually proven to be their actual evolutions. That is why the "Pokémon" community is still waiting for an official response from Nintendo and GameFreak.

Real or fake?

It has been a long time since the announcement of the next "Pokémon" game to be launching for Nintendo Switch, and these waves of "Pokémon" art are constant and can be proven fake easily.

For one, it is a little odd for the new game teasers to be framed and hung on a wall, rather than being considered "Confidential" until the official announcement. Secondly, some people say that the Japanese writing over the art is way off and doesn't make any sense.

Also, Nintendo never announced that a "Pokémon" game is set to be released in 2018.

Finally, to hammer the final nail in the coffin, someone on deviant art with username "Marix20" claimed that it was his art and apologized to everyone for thinking that they were official. These pictures may or may not belong to the artist, but then again the artist is know for creating "Fakemons".

Before believing any rumors, it is good to check for the translations and compare the art with real "Pokémon" as the "Pokémon" artists tend to test different themes and the Pokémon aren't always as cute as the rumored art. It just might save another "Pokémon Stars" fiasco for the "Pokémon" community.