Developers Epic Games had teased a lot in the run-up to Season 4 of "Fortnite Battle Royale," and players have found out that the latest update to the game didn’t disappoint! Maybe you’re one of the players who hasn’t dived in for some battle royal action after the May 1 update. Or perhaps you are still wondering exactly what has changed in the world of "Fortnite." So what exactly has been updated in Season 4?

The map has seen big changes

Fans of the game speculated whether the popular drop point of Tilted Towers was about to become a smoking pile of rubble.

Epic Games had teased that Tilted was primed for destruction by a comet strike at the start of Season 4.

But, although there is a meteor crater in Tilted Towers, it’s the mid-map Dusty Depot that has been wiped out. Replacing it is Dusty Divot, a giant meteor crater with a mysterious government research complex at its center. The whole area is sprinkled with meteorite fragments that players can pick up too, called Hop Rocks! Other notable areas of the map that have changed include Risky Reels, a new drive-in cinema north of Wailing Woods. Players are still discovering more and more map updates, but those noticed so far include Moisty Mires, which looks like it has been made into a film set.

Superheroes are Season 4’s main theme

Along with a whole host of character skins and glider options available to "Fortnite" Season 4 players who buy the Battle Pass, in-game changes mean there is a heroic theme to the new update. Gamers have already located a superhero base in the west of the map near Lonely Lodge. There is even a supervillain’s base featuring a giant missile launcher nearby Snobby Shores, and a secret hideout in Salty Springs!

But the biggest superhero change is the inclusion of Hop Rocks. Players can pick up these meteorite fragments and crush them in their hands to gain superpowers, but only for a short time. Players activating a Hop Rock are under the reduced influence of gravity for 15 seconds. Although the item is not stackable, there are lots of gameplay options that open up as a result of this.

Season 4, Week 1 Battle Pass Challenges are also in effect

Players have the first week of the new season to earn Battle Star rewards to level up their Battle Passes. They can do so by completing various challenges posted by developer Epic Games. Easy challenges include dealing 500 damage points to opponents with sniper rifles and discovering letters in-game that spell out "Fortnite" to earn five Battle Stars. Hard challenges will earn players ten Battle Stars, and include following a treasure map found in Tomato Town and eliminating opponents in Flush Factory.

What is your favorite Season 4 update for "Fortnite"?