Massive "Fortnite" streamer DrLupo has grown to become one of the highly respected figures in the gaming community, not to mention that he has a huge following on both Twitch and YouTube. His stream a couple of days ago capped off with an unsettling note as he received a donation that came alongside a very disturbing message.

On May 27, DrLupo was just doing his normal routine of streaming "Fortnite" when he received a donation from a fan that got him very much concerned. His viewer – who goes by the moniker Davy_wavy10 – sent an amount alongside a message stating he's "ending it all" adding that he's donating his remaining money to his favorite streamer.

The livestream's tail-end immediately made a 180-degree turn as the supposedly fun stream signed off with a completely worried DrLupo.

DrLupo's response

One can notice the concern in DrLupo's face as he responded to his troubled fan to not to do whatever he wants to attempt doing. He went on suggesting that Davy to try to talk to somebody adding that there are better alternatives than harming oneself. Before ending his stream, he told his fan that he expects to hear from Davy the next day. DrLupo even tweeted out what he said to Davy alongside the hotline number for suicide prevention (1-800-273-8255).

The next day

The streamer breathed a sigh of relief as Davy sent out an email on that same night thanking him.

On Lupo's stream the following day, he gave a shoutout to his fan as he joined the chat and assured him that he didn't ruin last night's stream. DrLupo added that he too has been to dark places before, though he's happy that Davy joined his Monday morning stream.

DrLupo during difficult times

Fans might recall that a couple of months back, DrLupo's dad passed away due a heart attack.

He even took to Twitter to reveal the sad news as both fellow content creators and fans sent out their condolences and support to the streamer. As a way to cope up during those extremely difficult times, he also tweeted he'd still be streaming, though he pointed out that he wouldn't go on cam, chat, and alerts while he's at play.

In other news, Epic has recently teased that they'll finally add the shopping cart to "Fortnite's" batlle royale mode.

According to the description, players can now roll into battle alone or with a buddy. It is expected that this ridable item will be rolled out alongside update V4.3. In the meantime, check out a video about the game here: