The latest updates for "Tekken 7" reveal the possibility for more in-game content coming to the sequel after game producer Katsuhiro Harada made his comments about his plans in the future. TekkenGamer conducted an interview with Harada as he answered the question of whether he and Bandai Namco Entertainment will feature more DLC characters and add "Yakuza" game protagonist, Kazuma Kiryu, as the next guest fighter.

Bandai Namco Entertainment also announced new free DLC customization items for "Tekken 7" next week as the Japanese video game publisher celebrates the sequel's one year anniversary.

More in-game content coming soon

According to TekkenGamer, Harada stated that it is safe to say that more content will be added to "Tekken 7" soon after the website asked him on what is next after "Final Fantasy XV" hero Noctis was included in the roster. He explained that he knew older "Tekken" and 3D fighting fans loved the RPG series and decision to have Noctis in the game was a good appeal to generate some attention.

This led to the question on whether Harada will have "Yakuza" hero, Kazuma Kiryu, be the next guest character in the roster as the game's producer, Daisuke Sato, has previously expressed his support to see him in the roster.

"Regarding Yakuza, even before Tekken 7, there was a group of hardcore fans that were asking for a collaboration," Harada said.

"However, we have not yet done the research on whether this is something our audience, as a whole, are interested in."

Noctis, Akuma, and Geese Howard have already arrived in the sequel and Harada encouraged video game fans to voice out who would be the next character to join the roster. Names like Kazuma Kiryu, Chun-Li, Dante, and Kyo Kusanagi are included on the list of possible guest fighters.

The "Tekken" producer also teased that a season 2 DLC character pack could be in the works in the future and he is optimistic about the state "Tekken X Street Fighter's" development plans.

One year Anniversary DLC

Bandai Namco Entertainment will be launching free DLC customization items in the game on May 31 as a way to celebrate its one year anniversary.

These items include new outfits for veteran characters such as Jin Kazama, Nina Williams, King, Kuma, Lars Alexanderson, and Eliza. Harada also tweeted more DLC categories which include Story Mode costume set, Kuma and Panda set, Female hairstyle set, Character Panel set, NJPW Pro-Wrestling set, and more.