With the release of “Player Unknown Battlegrounds” on Xbox One, game developer PUBG Corp. gave a promise to continue to improve its updates and make it better for the fans. The developers recently released a new update for their hit battle royale game. It has made significant strides in improving gameplay and fans are now happy with the new results.

The new Xbox One patch introduced new general improvements to gameplay. It has also tweaked several areas like the increased damage to certain objects in the game.

Gameplay changes

Several new tweaks and adjustments were implemented with the new Xbox One update.

One of those updates was enabling an adjustment for the aim acceleration feature through in-game option. This will make a player’s gameplay improved for the better.

Another improvement was the increase of player weapon damage against vehicles. PUBG Corp. assured that they will continue to monitor feedback from the players. They will also make changes to make it more balanced in the future.

NA, EU, and Oceanic servers will now have the FPP Solo matchmaking queue feature. Other modes will also be opened in the future in those regions if they are allowed. Problems like indoor lighting and shadow issues were also fixed with the new update.

The analog stick acceleration was also added with this new update.

Players can use this while their characters exit the plane and use a parachute.

New optimization changes

“Player Unknown Battlegrounds” now has better visuals with the new update. It has made performance enhancements to the game’s Phys. Both Client and Server FPS were slightly increased with the new update. Some of the VFX also gained optimizations.

Bug fixes and new option feature

The game developers also addressed different kinds of known crashes before the update was implemented. They fixed a problem with the UI when a lot of players wanted to loot from the same source. The music on and off option was also added for convenience.

Success on both platforms

Player Unknown Battlegrounds” has become a very successful game on both Xbox One and Steam since its release.

On Steam alone, it has garnered more than 3 million users. The Xbox One had 1 million copies sold in its first 48 hours after its launching.

The game developers are planning to bring the game to all platforms, which meant that it will be coming to the PlayStation 4. They are also planning to expand to other forms as well since they have spoken with Netflix.

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