The wildly popular battle royale game, "Player Unknown's Battlegrounds" has finally given a release date for their much anticipated second map, "Miramar." Along with a massive patch to address a number of gameplay and graphics issues, the new map will be released on May 24.

Although the game is arguably the biggest out there aside from Fortnite right now, it has been stuck in a rut lately. The original, and only available, the map was getting repetitive for players. Dropping in the same locations round after round was showing signs of fatigue as players grew increasingly vocal about wanting more map options.

Disgruntled players

The playing community, while loyal, has been quite vocal to express their grievances with the game as it has progressed. From crashing black screens to buildings not rendering, there have been plenty of issues for player's to find an excuse to throw their controller across the room.

While many players were cheering the news of finally getting some variety to their game, there was still a lot of skepticism of what Bluehole, the makers of the game, will deliver.

Among the major gripes that players have are the bug issues with the game.

Player's often lament that the game bills itself as a "work in progress" yet also charges $30 for the unfinished game. As the game has been around for well over a year at this point, mounting frustration at seeing a more final product is driving player frustrations.

Bug fixes in the upcoming release

The release of the Miramar map will also be joined by a host of bug fixes that hopefully bring the game closer to the finished product that players have been clamoring for.

While Bluehole has yet to publicly state the extent of the bug fixes, a majority of it is expected to be centered around the scopes and the visual aspects related. This should give the guns more of a realistic feel and better hit targeting like traditional shooters like "Call of Duty" and "Battlefield."

Bluehole did not specifically say what bug fixes to expect in the 14th update release.

However, player's have been able to test the new Miramar map on a separate test server and many of the bug fixes were also tested there as well.

Modifications to the scopes and the visual effects should give them a more realistic feel. It is interesting if that also means that they will address some of the issues with long-range scoping with this update. In many cases, scoping a player from far away gives the shooter a better view as some of the grass and other small objects that the person is hiding behind do not render in long distance views.

It would definitely make for more accurate snipe battles, something that is likely to be popular with the wide-open landscape of Miramar.