"Fortnite" is probably the biggest game in the world right now, amassing millions of players and millions of viewers on YouTube. Despite only being a part of the gaming community for a short time they have easily reached the top of the leaderboard in terms of the battle royale mode. The game has progressed a lot in the past few months, especially with the release in China, one of the biggest countries in the world. "Fortnite" has also expanded across multiple platforms including PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and iOS. However, Android is not a platform "Fortnite" can be played on as of yet.

According to Forbes, Epic Games has announced that Android will be adding support to their gaming platform in the coming months.

Android should be getting "Fortnite" on their mobile system by the summer

So far, the iOS was lucky enough to have "Fortnite" on their platform, and many Android users were wondering when the game would arrive. Developers at Epic Games have announced that Android will be a supporting platform for the game by summer of this year. They released a statement regarding the state of mobile for "Fortnite" and listed their progress from the beginning to where it is now. Developers covered information such as customizable HUD, installation size of the game on mobile, and stat tracking.

Voice chat will be added to the mobile platform in the future

Aside from expanding the mobile platform to Android, Epic Games is going to be adding voice chat to the mobile setup. So far, chat is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One players. They stated it's essential to communicate in-game especially for squad gameplay, and it would make perfect sense if voice chat was available across all platforms.

Expect delays on the Android release

Although game developers have announced they plan on releasing "Fortnite" on Android by the end of summer, there is no specific date set. There will undoubtedly be some obstacles in the way as Epic Games developers have to sort out the kinks in the Android system before releasing the option live.

The Android announcement comes a little after Tencent announced they would release the game in China. Android is a widely used platform in China, so it is excellent for Epic Games to expand into that system and work hand-in-hand with a company like Tencent. Android users can now rejoice as they join their fellow "Fortnite" members in-game instead of watching from the sidelines.