The "Pokémon GO" is the game of the moment and there are already millions of players who go out to capture the Pocket Monsters. However, for some people, a simple return to the neighborhood does not seem to be enough. Some methods began to emerge that were able to get around the problem of not having PokéStops or Gyms around the house and they decided to become creative. They found some methods to trick the GPS into thinking that it is in another city, for example, in New York, in Central Park - a paradise for the players to discover rare Pokémon.

This is not the first time these type of tricks arose. Immediately after the game was released, there were ways to install "Pokémon Go" in countries where it had not yet been released. There is even a trick to start with the Pikachu as your first Pokémon, or others to hatch the eggs more quickly.

The punishment

According to the review site Games IGN, the company, Niantic, began to take measures to punish the cheaters. First, they began by asking those responsible for the famous Pokémon tracker, the "Pokévision," to end their activities. The site is closed at this time and informs its users that they are complying with Niantic's request.

This was not the only step taken by Niantic, which will now start banning cheating players for at least an hour.

The way Niantic does this is somewhat curious: instead of banning full access to the game, the company allows players to continue in the world of "Pokémon." The problem is that it is a desert world. PokéStops will not give you items when you approach them, the Gyms will not let you fight and the Pokémon you encounter will always escape, even if it is a weak one.

Most players using this method are justified by saying that they live in rural areas and that there are not enough PokéStops and Gyms and that Niantic's way of solving this should be through a petition where players can suggest new locations for them.

A similar case occurred when the company had to remove an Articuno (a Legendary Pokémon that is not yet available) from a player.

It was in the state of Ohio that this Legendary Pokémon was spotted in a Gym and there were many players who immediately suspected that it was fake - this Pokémon can only be caught on a special occasion.

Niantic has already confirmed that Articuno had not been legitimately captured and was eventually removed from the player's account, claiming that the Legendary Pokémon had appeared in their account due to a game error. "Pokémon Go" players will have to wait a bit longer for the reveal date of when Legendary Pokémon will emerge.