Blizzard announced this week that players can look forward to a 2018 anniversary event starting in four days. Several features, brawls, and skins have already been announced but there is so much more to come and players cannot be more excited.


Blizzard knows how to keep things interesting and fresh, so they are bringing a ton of features to this anniversary event to keep fans entertained. So far, player's can expect a new map, Petra, for the deathmatch game mode. This map is rumored to be beautiful and has a lot of opportunity for a wide variety of characters.

This event will also roll out a competitive free-for-all season featuring both Chateau Guillard and Petra deathmatch maps!

In addition to all the awesome, new content, it seems that fans can expect to see some old content made available again. It seems that previous event brawls and game modes will be available. This could include Junkenstein's Revenge, Lucio ball modes, and the Archives game modes, and these game modes will cycle each day. This is a great way to farm loot boxes since you can earn a loot box for every 3 arcade mode wins! For more information on this event, tune into the Overwatch League broadcast on May 19 during halftime of matches 1 and 2.


One of the best things about any Overwatch seasonal event is the skins.

We have also seen two epic skins revealed for Soldier: 76 and Tracer. The venom Soldier: 76 skin is a really cool blue and black skin. The lightening Tracer skin is yellow and black and shows off an awesome new, blonde haircut! A new pirate Junkrat skin was revealed when the event originally got announced. Game director, Jeff Kaplan, has stated that there will be 8 legendary skins released for this event, and a "certain dapper gentleman" will be getting formal wear.

There is a lot of speculation about which gentleman this will be, but my personal guess would be Winston.

Like the brawls, previous event skins will be made available in the anniversary loot boxes and for purchase. Take advantage of this opportunity to check out Halloween Terror skins, Summer games skins, and last year's anniversary skins!

Hopefully, this also includes the fun dance moves that were created for each character. So gear up and flaunt your stuff starting May 22!

This event is gearing up to be legendary and fans cannot wait. If you are not a part of Overwatch yet, join up with 40 million players from May 25-28 for the free play weekend!