Like all hobbies, gaming is fine for people, even beneficial, if played in moderation. There are good and bad sides to gaming, but people look at one more than the other. There are multiple ways to be able to play games, too. Games are also becoming more affordable, allowing almost anyone to play and experience the positives and negatives of gaming.

The Positives

There is a chance that gaming can slow down mental aging. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle at the age of 60 can make you feel like you're in your 50s, not only is physical health crucial, but cerebral health is important too.

Researchers at the University of Iowa found that gaming can help keep your brain in shape. In the study, 681 healthy people at 50 or older played ten hours of a certain game for five to eight weeks. The study found that the participants showed improvements in mental agility that people ten to 15 years younger had.

Gaming helps hand-eye coordination. Think about seeing or hearing something coming after you and having to react as quickly as you possibly can. Following this routine for hours on end could help with a person's reflexes as well as hand-eye coordination, helping someone react to a situation as quickly as they can in real life.

Games can aid in decision making. When your character is surrounded by gunmen, you have to figure out what to do to guarantee survival.

Quickly scanning the area during a cutscene shows hiding spots and unprotected weapons to use, these weapons are stronger than you currently have. Do you go for the unprotected stash of weapons, or go to the shelter? This scenario does not even take in the parameters each individual character may have. It does help with decision making, however.

The downside

Games can cause a "time warp." One moment you will be playing for half an hour, the next thing you know it is midnight! The World Health Organization considers gaming addiction to be a disorder. Gaming can certainly cause an addiction. There is a story of a Korean couple neglecting their child because of their gaming addictions.

Both the mother and the father suffered from gaming addiction, and let their child starve to death from neglect. On the other spectrum, there are people who neglect to care for themselves. These people end up passing away from starvation, dehydration, or lack of sleep.

In Conclusion

Gaming can be beneficial - in moderation, but otherwise, it can endanger lives. As with any hobby, moderation is key. Always try to avoid the "time warp" and always take a break from gaming every two hours. Gaming is neither good nor bad. Just don't abuse it.