It can be tiresome and mind-boggling to decide how to spend your hard earned cash when it comes to Games. In a world swimming with great deals every week, and great games hidden among the mediocre, I'm here to shed a light on what games are worth purchasing. Here I will break down the best deals I have found this week across PC gaming and PS4 (though they're limited time, so act fast!), and you can decide how to move forward from there.

Games to play: PC gamers best deals this week.

I'm glad you asked, inquisitive reader! This week I've found some phenomenal games on sale at HumbleBundle- a site for the uninitiated where you can buy games for PC and Mac, and the proceeds will go to the charities of your choice!

The following are games that I think are some of the best deals on great games I can personally vouch for.

Hollow Knight - 30% off for less than $10

This is my game of the year 2017- and yes, I played Zelda, Persona, PUBG, and Mario. An atmospheric, gameplay first driven Metroidvania with exceptional controls, level design, music, and combat- Hollow Knight is an absolute must Play for anyone and everyone. This and the other single games deals only have 24 hours left so jump on it ASAP!

Dead Cells - 33% for $13

Cuphead - 15% for $16.99

HUMBLE INDIE BUNDLE 19 - Pay what you want

The HumbleBundle Indie bundles always highlight some great underappreciated gems, though my favorites so far revealed in this bundle have to be "Keep talking and nobody explodes", as well as "SOMA." Pay the recommended price to also nab a copy of "SUPERHOT" while you're at it.

This bundle is available for another 9 days as of the publishing of this article, so you've got some time, but don't dilly dally around too much and miss out on these deals

Games to play: PlayStation Plus Members plethora of choice.

Same deal as before, but this time for those PlayStation Plus members out there! These deals expire on April 3rd, so act quickly.

There's always a huge swath of PS plus deals to sift through, so I've highlighted some of the best below for you to feast upon. As before, I have included some thoughts on the best games out of even these for you to check out.

Assassins Creed: Origins - 50% off for $29.99

Bastion - 75% off for $3.74

A classic, but for a reason, and if you haven't played Bastion yet, then now you have no good excuse.

At barely over three dollars, this masterpiece will engross and pull you in!

INSIDE - 70% off for $5.99

My 2016 Game of the Year and the follow up to the acclaimed LIMBO, INSIDE is an atmospheric and at times chilling and unsettling platformer/puzzle experience everyone should experience (especially at only six dollars!).

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - 50% off for $19.99

The Hideo Kojima Swan Song and a masterpiece to boot, Metal Gear V will siphon you into a black hole of base building, stealth gameplay and more, all while surrounded by the typical Metal Gear narrative coil. On top of this, there are several sales on older Metal Gear Titles as well so check those out if you're interested.