The days are long over from when you could put a disc into your computer and play a game offline. Now, most everything out there requires an internet connection and multiplayer. However, thanks to the developers at GrapeOcean Technologies, we will get a splash of nostalgia mixed with gorgeous graphics, a captivating story and tons of deep lore and content. They credit classics like "Baulders Gate" and "Icewind Dale" as inspirations and dare to bring the classic party-based RPG back into the limelight. "Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness" will be released on PC, Mac, and Linux through Steam and GoG.

If you are a fan of classic RPG stories and gameplay, you cannot miss this title, and be sure to follow them on Kickstarter and Facebook.

Gameplay features

"Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness" is an isometric, single player, party-based RPG. You'll be set in the fantasy world of Yerengal where a multitude of races share the world and claim their own land. The environment is always changing around you, based on your own interactions and actions. Everything you do will affect your gameplay experience one way or the other.

The world is being driven into darkness by Zornilsa, the Goddess of Greed. Every time you or even an NPC makes a decision from greed, her power will grow. You can choose to speed up this horrible blight, or slow down and defend from it.

Upon character creation, you will have access to several different races and classes. Races include your classic RPG archetypes of Human, Elves, and Dwarves. You will always have another choice of the Feldegug, also known as the "White Elves". Each, of course, includes their own special stats and features!

Classes include four main branches and they are Warrior, Priests, Wizards, and Outlaws.

Each branch has 2-4 class types. For instance, the Warriors branch includes, Fighter, Templar, Highlander, and Ranger. Wizards include Spellweaver, Wintermage, and Necromancer. Priests have Cleric, Druid, and Shaman while Outlaws include Thieves and Swindlers. With all these possibilities you're sure to find the perfect fit for your play time.

You will charge up to a five-character party into battle. You will begin as a single protagonist but along your journey will meet several thrill seekers, each with their own unique personalities, who you may accept into your party. Beware of their agendas though, as it may not fit what your goal it. You will be able to free roam this beautiful and open world, with rich lore, hundreds of quests you can compete, and deep interactions with NPCs who will be affected by your decisions!

Key unique feature: Greed system

As mentioned, the world is being slowly consumed by Zornilsa, the Goddess of Greed. It is up to you to defend or embrace this. The power of greed can alter for many different reasons!

Even your quest rewards, looting, and donations to a temple can effect this power. For instance, when donating to a temple, you may think you're doing the world a great service, but you may not pick up on some queues that the temple actually has a darker agenda, and they may pocket the money you donate so as it never reaches the people. Be alert and suspicious of NPCs.

Another effect is merchants may raise their prices if the world gets too greedy. The more money everyone has, the more they can charge! NPCs will also become suspicious of you! If they have reasons to believe you're being greedy and hoarding money they may become desperate and try to attack and rob you and your party! The entire game revolves around this idea of greed and adds some pretty interesting elements into the mix. Taking the classic RPG theme and twisting and molding it so it keeps the base idea and nostalgia there while also adding new and unique features and gameplay for a more interesting experience!