Season 4 of "Fortnite" has been out for two days and has already been a huge success. Everyone witnessed the meteors hitting the map, completely eradicating Dusty Depot and turning it into a new location called Dusty Divot. Although players are upset that the meteor hit Dusty Depot instead of Tilted Towers, they are having fun picking up the new crystals at crater locations so they can jump around and pull off some sick kills. Aside from Dusty Depot being completely changed, Epic Games also added a new location on the map while changing old locations.

Several locations on the map have either a film set theme, a superhero theme, or a supervillain theme. According to IGN, players have found a huge dinosaur footprint on the map along with a secret battle token.

Giant dinosaur footprint spotted in-game

It's no surprise that Epic Games is good at giving players hints on the map that could mean something huge might happen in the future. One Reddit user reportedly found a mysterious dinosaur footprint on the map; located within the crushed house south of Snobby Shores and west of Greasy Grove. Aside from the huge footprint, players can also find parts of a film set. There have been other sightings of film sets spread out across the map, and players speculate that perhaps there is some sort of connection between the film sets and dinosaur references.

Maybe this is a film set that relates to the upcoming "Jurassic World" movie and Epic Games may be releasing some kind of new dinosaur-themed item or costume once the movie is released, but we will have to wait and find out.

According to PCGamesN, the sighting of this huge dinosaur footprint could mean that the theories of a dinosaur extinction after the meteor hit may in fact be true.

Some players have even spotted a dinosaur logo at the start of the Season 4 trailer Epic Games posted, not to mention the trailer ends showing two characters wearing a dinosaur outfit. Even the new battle pass for the season has the same fossil picture as the one in the video, so it could be a clue that something related to dinosaurs could be happening throughout the rest of the season.

Another secret spotted in the game

Not only is there a mysterious dinosaur footprint found on the map, but another Reddit user reportedly found a secret battle token. For players who have purchased the Battle Pass and have completed the Blockbuster challenge for the first week, they are able to unlock a loading screen if they collect a battle token that appears above the guard tower at the prison. Whoever journeys there to collect the token will also be given a full tier reward.