Season 4 begins today for "Fortnite" and players are already getting their games patched to see what new changes Epic Games brought to their favorite battle royale game. The week leading up to the end of Season 3 was jam-packed with tons of clues given by Epic Games as to what the new season would bring about. It was confirmed that superheroes and villains were the main theme for the new season and the meteors played a huge factor in all of it. According to Forbes, the huge meteor has finally hit its location and has given rise to a newly updated Battle Royale map.

Say goodbye to Dusty Depot

Everyone is going to be upset after learning that Tilted Towers still remains standing despite theories that the meteor was headed to destroy the landing spot. Instead, the meteor destroyed Dusty Depot and has completely erased the area off the map, leaving in its place an enormous crater. According to Variety, players who journey to the massive crater will be able to find glowing rocks known as "Hop Rocks." If the players consume the glowing rocks, they are able to gain the ability to jump higher for a limited time, reducing the pull of gravity. Despite Dusty Depot being erased, Epic Games made the crater a new fighting spot, renamed as "Dusty Divot."

Dusty Depot is not the only place on the map that got hit by the meteors, other locations have also been impacted.

Tilted Towers is one place where the meteors hit, leaving behind a small crater. It also appears that the meteor shower has not ended yet, so other areas that have not been hit by one may end up getting a crater in the coming weeks.

Season 4 brings about new changes

Season 4 is bringing tons of new changes aside from Dusty Depot being changed to Dusty Divot.

New skins and other cosmetics are released with the introduction of the new Battle Pass. The unlockable items are superhero themed which is expected given the images in the meteor when Epic Games posted all those Tweets.

There are also changes and updates to certain locations on the map. A new addition to the map is called Risky Reels, which was shown in the trailer for Season 4, and it essentially is a drive-in theater.

Part of Moisty Mire has been changed to a film set, possibly for a superhero movie. To the west of Lonely Lodge, there is a superhero base and there is a supervillain base near Snobby Shores. Epic Games is really living up to their hype of incorporating superheroes and supervillains into the game.

Aside from all the new changes to the map and new additions, Epic Games also patched a couple of things and even removed a weapon from the game.