"Fortnite's" update V4.2 is now live as it finally brought in the Jetpack that is said to be the first of the Backpacks to be officially introduced in the third-person shooter. That said, data-mined assets of the game suggest that Epic Games has prepped up more of these new item types and it is expected to arrive in future patches. The well-known data-mining duo of Two Epic Buddies (@DieBuddies) have visited the "Fortnite" game files for the nth time and have dug up some interesting stuff about the game. Per their recent tweet, a total of nine Backpacks are now down the pipeline, though one of them (Eye of The Storm Tracker) was rolled out by the game developer by accident.

Below is the roster of items under the "Back Packs" game file.

  • BoostJumpPack
  • Carmine Pack
  • EyeofTheStormTracker
  • Glider
  • GliderPack
  • IntelPack
  • MedicPack
  • MissileBattery
  • TestPack

Devs on Eye of The Storm Tracker

As mentioned, quite a high number of players came across with a different type of Backpack, dubbed as the Eye of The Storm Tracker. It was then learned that the item wasn't supposed to be released on the recent update as it was stated by Epic in a recent announcement. The game maker even went on to state over on the FortniteBR subreddit that they can't promise that the said item will ever be introduced in the game, though they hoped that the folks who were able to get it had fun while using it. For the uninitiated, the Eye of The Storm Tracker allows players to see where the next storm circle is going to happen.

In line with this, Fortnite Insider showcased a couple of images showing what could be upcoming Backpacks in the Battle Royale mode of the game.

If the images are anything to go by, the website may have just leaked both the Intel and Medic Packs.

Meanwhile, the Jetpack has a legendary rarity and can only be found in Treasure Chests scattered across the map. The patch notes also stated that Backpacks take an inventory slot and can be moved to different positions.

A couple of new LTMs

The V4.2 update also provided details about a couple of new Limited Time Modes in "Fortnite" BRSolid Gold V2 and Close Encounters. Per the LTMs' description, the former will have legendary weapon drops while the latter will have a close quarters combat type of gameplay using shotguns and Jetpacks, not to mention that the storm closes in way faster mid to late game.

Visit Epic Games' website for the complete details about the latest patch. Check out a video about "Fortnite" below.