Season 4 has brought numerous changes to the "Fortnite Battle Royale" map, but it seems that the game developer is not done yet. The biggest change on the map was the removal of Dusty Depot, as players now have a different area in the center of the map. Additionally, Epic Games added Risky Reels, another named location in the northeastern corner of the map.

If the rumors are true, the map will be changing much more frequently during the fourth season, and "Fortnite Battle Royale" players will get fresh content nearly every week. It seems that the game developer plans to destroy another area on the island, and this will happen before the ongoing season ends.

Another place to be annihilated

Before the fourth season started, meteors hit the in-game island, causing destruction in several areas. Dusty Depot was completely devastated and replaced with a giant crater called Dusty Divot. In addition, the meteor impact introduced hop rocks which allow players to enter a low-gravity mode for a short duration.

A few weeks ago, Reddit user internetadam leaked some valuable information about Season 4. The redditor leaked that the season would have superheroes and villains, and that Dusty Depot would be destroyed. While many people simply ignored this leak, it turned out to be true.

One important detail the Reddit user mentioned was the destruction of Moisty Mire.

Season 4 has already brought many changes to this area, but it turns out that Epic Games will modify it even more. By the end of the season, Moisty Mire will be gone, and many players predict that it will be destroyed with a missile that can be found in a secret base by Snobby Shores. At the moment, there is a big movie set in the swamp, so it's interesting to see what exactly will happen to it.

'Fortnite' is coming to even more gaming platforms

"Fortnite Battle Royale" was released for iOS devices a few months ago, and the game has achieved an enormous success on Apple's mobile devices. Epic Games will release the popular game on even more platforms, which will make it available to almost every gamer.

"Fortnite" should be released for Android mobile devices soon, which is something that Epic Games has confirmed.

However, the game could also come to Nintendo Switch, which would be a huge step for the game developer. Even though there aren't many details about this, gamers are expecting to get more information during E3 2018.