Solo Showdown is the first competitive mode in "Fortnite Battle Royale" and millions of players are participating in it. Top 100 players will be rewarded with V-Bucks, with the best player getting 50,000 of them. In order to qualify for rewards, players have to play 50 games, and everyone who qualifies will get a special spray.

Finishing first in a Solo Showdown match will reward players with 100 points, while finishing second is worth 94 points, third 91 points, and so on. Placement is the only thing that matters for your leaderboard position, so you don't have to worry about getting eliminations.

1) Pick a distant landing spot

The only thing you should be focusing on in Solo Showdown is getting a victory, or at least getting close to the first spot. Eliminations only matter for tiebreakers, but if you get many wins, you won't have to worry about getting kills. At the start of a match, make sure you pick a distant landing spot, preferably an area you know well.

By the time you reach a distant spot and loot it, chances are there will be fewer than 50 people left in the game, which means that you will get at least 35 points. Considering that many players don't land in areas that are far away from the bus, you most likely won't encounter many players until there are 15 or 20 of them left in a match.

2) Choose the right loadout

If you land in a distant area, you will most likely be alone and the entire area will be yours to loot. This means that you will probably get a lot of good weapons and consumables, so you will have to decide what to carry and what to leave behind.

If you believe you can go throughout a match without taking much damage, carry only one consumable item, either small shield potions or bandages.

If you need more health, reserve two slots for healing items and three slots for weapons. One of your slots should be reserved for a shotgun as you will need it for a close-range combat, while another spot should be used for an assault rifle because of its versatility. The third weapon slot can be used for either a sniper or explosives, whichever you are more comfortable with.

3) Do not camp in top 10

If you make it to top 10, you will get at least 60 points. While avoiding gunfights is a smart strategy until this point, you should be more aggressive with only nine enemies left. If you see or hear a gunfight, get close to it and try to finish off the surviving enemy. If you get a chance to loot the enemy, you will be able to restock your ammo and most likely heal yourself up to the maximum.

4) Know when to run away

If you get in a gunfight and you don't think you are going to win it, try to run away or barricade yourself in a base. There is a good chance that another player will hear gunshots and join the fight, which means that you can either abandon it or join it back and try to get an easy kill.