Epic Games has officially rolled out Season 4 of "Fortnite" as it dropped a whole bunch of stuff for its player base to grind for.

There are some who may still not know that quite a number of these cosmetics came from the creative minds of other players making Update V4.0 the best thus far.

U/thesquatingdog's emote suggestion

The Redditor u/thesquatingdog had previously suggested an emote that he initially dubbed Eating Popcorn. Per his description of the emote, he imagined using it whenever a squad is waiting for other squads to finish battling it out before they could go cherry picking.

After finding that his suggestion was included the latest patch, he took to the FortniteBR subreddit to thank Epic for such gesture.

The story behind the Lightning

About a month ago, u/OMGalaxy posted a skydiving trail suggestion known in-game as Lightning. However, he made it clear back then that the idea came from someone else as he further explained that he just made a few tweaks to it before reposting it again over on the same subreddit.

Teknique, Abstrakt, Tag Bag, and Renegade Roller

Another Redditor – u/iBolts pitched in a skin suggestion of a graffiti artist complete with a paint roller for a pickaxe and glider.

Epic also took notice of the outfit and made a few touch-ups on it before releasing it as Teknique.

Upcoming items also revealed that it also has a male version known as Abstrakt alongside the Tag Bag back bling and the Renegade Roller pickaxe. Check out these upcoming items (including their rarity and V-Buck prices) on the tweets below:

Justice finally served

Meanwhile, this is without a doubt the most popular cosmetic this season – the Orange Justice.

The name is pretty much self-explanatory as it gave justice to the orange shirt kid that submitted an entry to "Fortnite's" Boogiedown Challenge, but lost.

Prior to Epic's announcement of winners, top YouTuber PewDiePie already featured the kid's clip in one of his videos. He even stated that the entry made him happy adding that any song can fit it and it will turn out equally amazing.

Pewds also featured other submissions on the said video and even called out Epic that they should pick one of the kid entries since this is the majority of their audience adding that they are the ones the developer needs to pay tribute to.

Patch notes for "Fortnite" Season 4 are already out and players can check it via Epic's official website.

Watch a video about the game here: