In the words of the opening song from "Far Cry 4," should it stay or should it go? With the departure of "FC4" and "Assassin's Creed III" director Alex Hutchinson, the future of "Far Cry" is very much unknown. "Assassin's Creed Empire" at least has a setting somewhat established for a new game on the horizon, but nothing is known of the future of Ubisoft's killer IP survival adventure.

After "Far Cry Primal" was criticized heavily for its apparent "re-skin" of the last major entry in the franchise, it may be time for Ubisoft to temporarily "retire" it and come up with something different.

While some gamers appreciated the departure of actual gunplay in favor of feeling like you're actually living in the stone age, others weren't so happy. Many wish further installments would take more of a comedic turn like "Blood Dragon." This lack of sales due to interest in the latest game could mean "far cry 5" is canceled.

Ubisoft has ignored low sales before

"Primal" wasn't the first general dud under Ubisoft's proverbial belt. After a lackluster "Assassin's Creed: Revelations," that series has been steadily losing its audience over repetitive gameplay which has barely changed over the years. The launch of "Unity" only further lost consumer confidence due to its numerous glitches, especially in cut-scenes where characters' faces would be missing.

"Syndicate" suffered from being one of the least successful launches in the series. The latest release in the "AC" franchise was fun, but the target audience showed that they were getting tired of Ubisoft's lack of attention to glitches and other possibly game-breaking details.

"Watch Dogs 2" was another example of the past being ignored in favor of delivering a better product.

Again, it was fun, but the fan base wanted more than just a fix for what was wrong with the first game. The recent patch, which barely did more than add an extra dialogue screen to the ending, did hint at a possible sequel. Nothing of the sort has been confirmed yet.

What should be in 'Far Cry 5' if it does get made?

When in doubt, most developers should trust what they read in public forums.

When a certain element of a game isn't well-liked, they should probably avoid doing it again or find a way to make it different. If the series does continue in a prehistoric era, the sequel may need to follow the lead of "Horizon Zero Dawn" and include dinosaurs among the wildlife you can hunt. The use of the grappling hook might need to be eschewed in favor of a more free-roaming-friendly environment. A new villain could add a much-needed breath of fresh air to the next installment as well, since "Primal" was little more than just taking your land back from two warring tribes.

If "FC5" is still happening, what would you like to see in it?