"Destiny 2's" recently released expansion -- "Warmind" -- has brought in a substantial amount of weapon buffs and changes to the online-only shooter. However, Bungie did something unprecedented with one of their Exotics due to a certain issue that is said to be game-breaking.

Decommissioned for now

"Destiny 2" players – especially the ones who own the Exotic sidearm known as the Rat King – were unable to equip said weapon all of a sudden. The reason behind it is that Bungie has decided to temporarily disable the weapon due to a glitch that was recently discovered.

The exploit was akin to the Wardcliff Coil, though this latest glitch gives Guardians an excess of heavy ammo. It was discovered that the Rat King has been causing this exploit and this resulted in Bungie shelving it the meantime while they devise a fix.

Per the glitch, Guardians needed to have the Exotic sidearm equipped in the kinetic weapon slot. They also needed to equip a power weapon that they want to get an ammo boost. When all these requisites were met, players were able to go near other members of their group and get reserves for that power weapon.

Video clips showcasing the exploit are as of late making the rounds online, as one of them deemed the Exotic "the new Coil." In line with this, game buffs believe that Bungie is working on some sort of measure for this glitch not to be used any further by players -- especially now that the new raid lair -- dubbed the Spire of Stars -- is set to go live this Friday.

Upcoming Raid Lair and Trials weapons spotted

That said, a couple of new raid lair weapons have been added to the database. Per Destiny Tracker these are The Emperor's Envy which is a Legendary Fusion Rifle, and a Legendary Sidearm known as the Last of the Legion.

Trials of the Nine weapons were also spotted in the database. These are Motion to Compel which is a legendary scout rifle, a legendary shot dubbed the Motion to Vacate, and Motion to Suppress -- which is a legendary submachine gun.

Meanwhile, Bungie is also investigating a bug that affects the progress of players' Milestones and Strikes on Heroic Strike completions. A workaround has been posted over on Bungie.net stating that if players see the name of the strike upon clicking the Heroic Strike icon, they should head back over to the menu, and click the icon again until it says "Heroic Strike Playlist." Check out a video about "Destiny 2" here:

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