Bungie's March Update for "Destiny 2" is finally live as it brought in a substantial amount of changes to the game. True enough, things went a lot faster with this latest update as players noticed the Guardians' accelerated movements. One of these is the Dawnblade subclass of the Warlock.

Way too fast?

"Destiny 2" game buffs have recently pointed out the Dawnblade's speed, not to mention that short clips about the subclass' movement were even uploaded to YouTube. Pulling off this trick may take a bit of a practice, but it is fun once perfected. To do this, players need to perform the Dawnblade's super and this has to be paired with one of the Warlock's Jumping variants known as the Burst Glide.

Once these are met, enjoy watching this Guardian subclass go insane. Roaming supers in "Destiny 2" were also buffed and just like the Dawnblade, the Hunter's Arcstrider subclass including the Striker Titan will be a whole lot quicker especially in PvP.

Bungie on 'overcrowded' Rumble

Meanwhile, players who already tried out the now eight-man free-for-all mode of Rumble are expressing their concerns about it being a bit too crowded. Now that there are more players in the Crucible game mode, there are "Destiny 2" faithfuls claiming that they are often being spawned back right next to another gamer which results in that player getting eliminated again.

That said, community manager Cozmo responded to the issue as he stated that they are getting numerous reports about Rumble spawning being a bit crowded with the latest Go Fast update.

He further explained that the developers are currently working for a workaround on this and went on suggesting to keep the feedback coming.

Players, on the other hand, have contrasting opinions about the new Rumble.

A lot are pitching in that the game mode should revert to its original six-player setup, while some suggest that Bungie should fix the spawning issue instead of going back to its previous version.

Come April 3, Rumble will be replaced by Mayhem in which all super abilities recharge at a faster rate. This will be followed by the 6v6 Iron Banner that will kick off on April 10.

Now that Update 1.1.4 has been rolled out. Fans are now waiting for the May update (1.2.0) which will be ushering in more tweaks to the game alongside the equally awaited second expansion that is likely to be dubbed "Gods of Mars." In the meantime, check out a video about "Destiny 2" here: