After months of rumors and speculation, EA has finally revealed to the gaming world its latest entry in the "Battlefield" game series. The gaming giant finally announced the next chapter of its ground-breaking saga, the new “Battlefield V.” The title “Battlefield V” was revealed by multiple sources, all claiming that the next game is set during the Second World War. Unfortunately, EA did not confirm anything at the time.

However, last week, things started to change for the gaming company. The teaser site was discovered in a “Battlefield 1” Easter Egg, and the game’s official Twitter account has now been linked to the recently discovered "Battlefield" website.

Additionally, the website has also been fully updated with the official confirmation of the new “Battlefield V” game.

About the official reveal event and other details

As mentioned earlier by GameSpot, a livestream has been scheduled for May 23. The livestream event will be hosted by comedian Trevor Noah. The reveal event, which will stream on YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer, will also feature the studio’s development team, which will provide more details and share their vision regarding the upcoming game.

As part of the studio’s confirmation, the official "Battlefield" Twitter account has also posted a message, containing the exact date and time of the upcoming livestream event. In addition to Twitter, the studio also posted a YouTube video on the official Battlefield YouTube channel, providing some quick links for fans of the first-person shooter.

At this time, not much information is known about the next game. However, EA said it will be playable at the upcoming EA Play event and that EA Play attendees will have the chance to play the new "Battlefield" game. The upcoming EA Play event will take place at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles from June 9-11. Tickets for this huge gaming event will be distributed for free, though fans should be at the venue in order to get the free tickets.

EA made some important announcements about the next 'Battlefield' game

EA made some important announcements during its fiscal earnings call. The studio announced that its Q4 and fiscal year earnings were pretty good for the company. In short, the company is doing well. Additionally, EA also reiterated that the new "Battlefield" game will be released sometime in the third quarter of this year. EA also hinted that the next game will feature some unique battles and new challenges.

The upcoming game will also contain multiple new maps, modes for multiplayer and a single-player campaign. However, the rumors that the next "Battlefield" game will feature some sort of battle royale were not addressed.

That said, a new report surfaced recently, stating that EA could be working on a battle royale mode for the next "Battlefield" game. A source close to EA said that the studio is currently working on the last-man-standing mode. VG247 reported earlier that EA is making some progress in this area, and it's now in the prototype stage.