The upcoming Open World action-adventure video game, “Marvel’s Spider-Man,” recently took the center stage at Sony’s press conference during the 2017 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event. Fans in attendance were able to see several clips and a trailer for the upcoming game, which included a gameplay video of one of the game’s first missions.

A true comic-book inspired title

The game’s story has been co-written by actual Marvel writers, but the game itself is in no way tied to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Instead, the overall demeanor and inspiration for the Spider-man within the game are from the Comic Book stories that fans know and love.

“Marvel’s Spider-Man” gets right into the action and was intentionally made not to be an origin story like most of the other titles within the franchise. Veteran fans will greatly appreciate the setting of the game, which features a 23-year old Peter Parker. Parker has been the web-swinger for more than eight years and is now fully accustomed to being Spider-Man.

An experienced superhero

As mentioned by the game’s creative director, Bryan Intihar, the Spider-Man that is featured in the upcoming game is a superhero that is already in the prime of his career. This is clearly shown in his combat prowess and in the way he moves through the city. The technology and gadgets he uses are also indicative of just how long he has been acting as the city’s protector.

Intihar further mentioned that there were already a lot of comic book movies, but there is definitely room for a true comic book-inspired video game.

An open world

At Sony’s press conference, one the game’s missions, which that takes place “early in the game,” was featured. The particular mission involved Spider-Man taking down Wilson Fisk, a.k.a.

The Kingpin, and then dealing with the mafia group called the “Demons” who have taken over his turf. The character is seen traversing within the large map, which showcased the game’s open world.

Aside from providing an open world to explore, it was also revealed that the game would offer fans a truly original story that has not been seen before.

The game also sports a large ensemble of superheroes and villains that hardcore fans will probably be familiar with. This includes classic and lesser-known heroes and villains that were plucked from the different comic books issues and sagas within the franchise.

Marvel’s Spider-Man” is scheduled to be released sometime in 2018 for PlayStation 4.