For the past few weeks, lots of activities have been going on in the “Pokemon GO” community. From the “Pokemon GO” Community Day event to the Easter Eggstravaganza event, then finally the hunt for Lugia, the large Pokemon that resembles a plesiosaur, bird, and dragon. Surprisingly, the return of Lugia brought players out and active in level 5 Raids. Although Battle Raids have taken a back seat in the “Pokemon GO” community for a long time now, the release of the new rotating regional Legendary monsters will make it fun again. "Pokemon GO" is one of the most popular games in the world, and its developer, Niantic, has tried making it exciting.

A report by Gamer Rant provided a lot of the information used in this article.

New duo-typed Legendary Pokemon

Recently, developer Niantic introduced a pair of Legendary Battle Raid Bosses, Latios And Latias, into the game. These two Legendary Pokemon flew into the regional Raid Battles on April 2 and will be available until June 5. Although these monsters will not be available at the same time, they will be operating under a regional rotation. While the Dragon-type monster, Latios, will be present in Raid Battles across Europe and Asia, Latias will be present in North America, South America, and Africa. On May 8, the duo Dragon-type monsters will switch locations, giving players the chance to catch both creatures.

Latios is a Dragon- and Psychic-type level 5 Legendary Raid Boss with a CP of 49323. The dual-typed Pokemon is the female and blue colored part of the Eon Duo. It is dodge friendly and its preferred charge move is Dragon Claw. Also, Latias is a Dragon- and Psychic-typed Pokemon. Unlike Latios, it is red colored with a CP of 45,704.

Its preferred charge move is Outrage.

How to beat and catch them

To battle and defeat these duo-typed monsters, you will need a team with a very strong effect or a team that can tackle their weaknesses. These Legendary Pokemon are weak against Ghost, Ice, Bug, Dark, Fairy, and Dragon-types. Pokemon Latio is very powerful. In order to successfully battle and catch it, you will need to dodge some of its powerful moves, while Pokemon Latias is a defense-heavy creature, meaning that it is likely to be a more sustained fight.

In order to catch these duo-typed monsters, you need Pokemon such as Rayquaza, Dragonite, Tyranitar, Scizor, Gengar, and Articuno for the job. Nevertheless, developer Niantic has suggested that Mawile and Tyranitar are the best counters for Latios and Latias.