Six years after "Diablo III's" release in 2012, Blizzard announced on April 5 that our favorite storyteller, Deckard Cain, from the franchise will be joining the "Heroes of the Storm" lineup as a support hero with a very interesting set of skills. Even after his death in the “Diablo” franchise, it looks like our beloved scholar isn't going to leave us just like that. A report by ComicBook provided some of the details used in this article.

After what people thought to be an April Fool's Day joke, Cain coming to "HotS" is as real as it can get, and MOBA fans are more than excited to battle with him.

However, his set of skills is deemed to be a joke, as it induces a little giggle from "Diablo" and "Heroes of the Storm" players alike. So if you want to know why then simply stay a while and read!

Deckard Cain

We all knew Cain from the "Diablo" franchise as our elder of Tristram and the last horadrim. As an NPC, his main goal was to guide the nephalem through quests with lore and background information. His voice during battles was the comfort of all players in the game.

In "Heroes of the Storm," he will be supporting his friendly allies in the nexus and his tactical set of skills will definitely change the course of each match. As a support, he is stronger when he is nearby ally heroes. He gains armor and recharges abilities faster by 50 percent.


Among his abilities is a healing potion, which he tosses on the ground for allies to use and heals for 230. He can toss about five of them at a time which is very useful when strategically placed. Cain also throws a Horadric Cube that deals damage to enemy hero in the area for 80 and slows them for 1.75 seconds by 40 percent.

A Scroll of Sealing lets him unfurl a scroll to form a triangular area that deals 140 damage to enemies and stuns them for 1.5 seconds; the perfect ability to use in team fights.

As for his heroic abilities, this is where things get exciting! His Stay Awhile and Listen is one of his ultimate abilities (and the best), which casts a cone-shaped area in front of him and puts enemies to sleep in the area with Cain's storytelling.

It channels for a couple of seconds, and sleeping enemies will wake up if they take damage. It's best to just leave sleeping enemies alone!

Finally, his last ability is the Lorenado. Can we all agree that the person who came up with this ability name should get a raise? Through this ability, Cain casts a tornado of books and knocks out enemies that come in contact with it. This is good for map control and for escapes as well. Blizzard released a hero spotlight video for Deckard Cain and you can watch it below!

The new hero will be available for the public test realm initially before he can make his debut in "Heroes of the Storm." We're looking forward to making enemies sleep soon, Cain!