The battle royale genre for games has become quite popular, as of late, ever since the release of "Fortnite." The gaming community was introduced to the battle royale game, "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" or "PubG," and it rose in popularity quite quickly. However, once "Fortnite" was released, it easily beat "PubG" in views and became the most viewed game on YouTube in just a matter of months.

Now, according to Forbes, another battle royale game has been released to compete with both "Fortnite" and "PubG." This new battle royale game called, "Radical Heights," was created by Boss Key.

The new game is supposedly the follow-up game to Boss Key's "Lawbreakers. "

Early access released for 'Radical Heights'

Seeing that battle royale games are a huge hit in the gaming community, Boss Key decided they should jump in on the action and create one of their own battle royale games. They released the game today, on Steam Early Access, for players to try out.

'Radical Heights' vs 'Fortnite' and 'PubG'

Players in "Radical Heights" are playing in an 80s style game show where people can earn cash and do cool tricks all while being free to shoot and kill enemies.

The style is similar to both "Fortnite" and "PubG", although "Radical Heights" tries to put its own creative take on it by setting it in the 80s. One very striking difference is that players can ride around on BMX bikes, something that both "Fortnite" and "PubG" do not have.

However, according to Polygon, "Radical Heights" still has a long way to go before it can even think about competing by the other two big shot battle royale games.

"Radical Heights" is still a game in its earliest production so the gameplay is not as smooth as it probably could be. At the beginning of the game, you are falling straight from the sky to the ground with no parachute to land, all you do is hit the ground and roll. There are no female characters to play as, and no indication of any female characters to come.

The whole game is clearly underdeveloped and lacks the performance that "Fortnite" and "PubG" bring.

A new competitor could arise

"Radical Heights" is still a game under development and many people have criticized the game, but its underdeveloped nature is understandable since the game has only been worked on for five months. Perhaps, if Boss Key put more time and effort into the game and worked out all the kinks, it could see itself being a competitor in the battle royale genre.