The new updates for the "Spider-Man" PS4 video game reveal details on designing Peter Parker's suit and how the game will open a new universe. Insomniac Games Art Director Jacinda Chew talks about creating Peter's suit as she told Game Informer that they took inspiration from the classic Spidey suit, and incorporated it with modern fabric and design best suited for this generation.

The upcoming "Spidey" game will feature a more experienced Peter Parker as he battles a new villain in New York, Martin Li a.k.a. Mister Negative, while trying to balance a normal life with his friends and family.

Not only will he face Li, but will also contend with older foes such as Kingpin, Shocker, and Norman Osborn.

Designing Spider-Man's new suit

According to Jacinda Chew, the development team decided to design Peter as a skinny, scraggly-looking person in a Spider-Man suit but realized it did not work for them. They decided to make him a bigger and bulkier person, but then again, it was awkward to see him web-swing in that form.

Insomniac Games made Peter look younger but more experienced with a perfectly fit body that will allow him to web swing and perform acrobatic moves gracefully. Chew also revealed that they incorporated the classic Spider-Man costume design with the latest trends of athletic gear as they tried to make it more functional.

The blue parts of the suit are the most flexible, allowing free range of motion, while the red parts are thicker and provide some armor for protection. The white parts are made from carbon fiber and it is designed to absorb much impact as possible.

The "Spider-Man" game will also feature other costumes from the comic books, animated series, and films.

Three DLC costumes will be presented to the game's pre-order list as the Spider-Punk and the Iron Spider from "Avengers: Infinity War" are already been revealed. The last pre-order outfit will be revealed in June, but fans have speculated that it could be the Noir costume.

A whole new universe

Marvel Games executive producer Bill Roseman told The Telegraph that the "Spider-Man" PS4 game will open a new game-based universe similar to how Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige created the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"There was. I mean, they tacked on the Nick Fury scene at the end of Iron Man, but did anyone know it would culminate in the Avengers? Or now Avengers: Infinity War? That was a pipe dream," Roseman said. "This is Marvel's New York. This is a Marvel game. It's not in a bubble."

Roseman added that players will see familiar logos and landmarks along the way such as the Sanctum Sanctorum and even the Avengers tower.