"Sea of Thieves" is a computer video game featuring pirates and looters. Pirates, as everyone knows, have a history of being untrustworthy and deceitful. This has come to apply to even players pretending to be pirates in a fun, competitive game. Because the game has become increasingly popular, hackers have started coming into play A variety of hacks are being used by players to get more wins, get more loot, and destroy more foes. These hacks have made the game frustrating for those who are ethical and follow the rules. Of course, taking legal actions to stop people from using cheats is not an option.

After all, it's a simple game and whether a person uses cheats won't decide whether that person is bad or not. Nevertheless, using cheats is a wretched thing to do in most people's eyes and those who cheat are looked down upon. A report by Kotaku provided most of the information used in this article.

What hacks and cheats are being used?

Several hacks have been reported on "Sea Of Thieves" forums. One of the most frustrating cheats is aimbots, which make sure that each shot hits its target. Players who are skilled in aiming and worked their way up to such mastery due to hard work and lots of practice see others use aimbots and become infuriated.

Another equally frustrating hack is ESP, which will allow the hacker to see every shark, player, treasure chest, and ship.

ESP even allows the hacker to see through obstacles. Some ESP hacks will also show the hacker the health of other players, where to fire the ship's cannons for greatest accuracy, and the distance to treasure chests. These cheats will make sure that the hacker hits their targets and destroys them every time and gets to treasure chests before other players can.

Can the hackers be stopped?

As a result of the constant cheats, Microsoft has released an anti-cheat program named TruePlay. While all players themselves can do is report any player they witness cheating, stopping the actual hackers is up to Microsoft. TruePlay tends to work mostly, but is not entirely accurate. Some hackers are still slipping through TruePlay's tight defenses.

While hackers can drain the fun out of some games, they don't have to ruin it. It's an ethical choice to cheat in a game and doing so will not make a person horrible. Sites distributing the cheats even express that they do not condone cheating and urge not to do it. Even so, there are still people who will cheat anyway. It's best simply to try to enjoy the game anyway and not let hackers keep the game from being enjoyable.