These so-called meteor showers are getting very frequent and brighter in "Fortnite" as fans of the game are getting hyped about the impending Comet hitting a well-known location within the game. However, as the heavenly body draws near, some players are beginning to believe that it's not a comet after all.

That weird pulsating sound's Easter egg

"Fortnite" faithful have noticed something weird with the "comet" after the recent update went live. Per the players, a pulsating sound can now be heard from the falling bright object, as popular pro-gamer and streamer Ninja also noticed the noise, and players are trying to figure out what it means.

Another Redditor (u/Zotrai) may have cracked the code as he pointed out that the Take the L emote can be seen when the sound is registered on a spectrogram. Another Redditor -- u/Lucas7yoshi -- posted a clearer spectrogram image of the dance.

Not a comet?

In line with this, u/SqwashGaming came up with an interesting fan theory about the "comet." If his analysis is anything to go by, he believes that it is not a comet. He came up with the assumption that the falling object is a spacecraft re-entering the atmosphere.

Some of the things that he observed that made him believe this include:

  • The datamined egg-shaped image within the game files (which he believes to be a return capsule)
  • The Dark Voyager's back bling wave effects
  • The SOS signals (SOS D5 418?)

He also took notice of the scarcity of metal resources in Tilted Towers.

According to the Redditor, by the time the object hits, he believes that there will be metal debris everywhere.

New LMG, 50v50 V2 LTM, and double XP goes live

Meanwhile, patch notes for update V3.5.2 have been posted as it introduced a new weapon in the Battle Royale – the Light Machine Gun (LMG).

The latest game tweak also brought back the 50v50 limited time mode that was supposedly rolled out in a previous update. Battle Royale players are also in for a treat as it was stated that experience points will be doubled from Thursday, April 19 until Sunday, April 22.

As for the recent peeking issue that has irked the game's player base, Epic has finally reverted it to how it functioned prior to V3.5. For the uninitiated, the said game tweak has caused players to accidentally shoot their structures whenever they try to peek. For a more detailed look at the new patch check Epic Games' official website. Check out a video about "Fortnite" here: