"POSTWORLD" is a post-apocalyptic shooter, with a multi-path role-playing system set in the year 2120. You play as an escaped lab experiment from the Transnational Corporation with an embedded experimental implant -- resulting in an unstable combat AI in you. The world is now a barren wasteland separated into factions after years of gradual decline following a nuclear war. Survivors are now scattered and savagely fighting for life. You will be able to join the Cultists, Slavers or Railwaymen and form strong alliances against the TNC or be a one man army and rule the wasteland yourself.

You will guide your player through this hellscape, picking sides, and trying to escape the terrible organization known as the Transnational Corporation.

'POSTWORLD' offers some pretty awesome features

Firstly the immense arsenal is completely crazy. Ranging from sniper rifles and shotguns to knives and shields, you're sure to find the perfect combination for you. Everything is fully customizable, and once paired with your players' skills you will find the perfect balance to your play style. According to their Indiegogo page, "Weapons are also fully customizable. Any part can be replaced: barrels, hand guards, sights and buttstocks of firearms, as well as handles, guards and blades of melee weapons.

Every detail has its own stats, directly influencing on the weapon’s combat effectiveness."

"POSTWORLD" is filled with a lot of violence, and the perks that come with it are pretty neat. Their area-based damage system allows you to blow enemy limbs off and create gruesome splatter effects. Enemies are tough in this wasteland, though, and whether they lose a leg or not they will still continue to shoot back at you.

All the combat in this game is sure to end in blood baths, so let your inner rage out.

With the area-based damage and losing limbs comes my personal favorite feature of this game, prosthetic limbs. You may have a limb blown off in the post-apocalyptic world, it tends to happen. Have no fear, though, as players will be able to replace lost limbs with a powerful combat prosthetic, allowing further and deeper customization of their character.

Reasons to be excited

"POSTWORLD" even offers their alpha version for free. You can head to their Indiegogo page and download it for free right now. They simply appreciate and enjoy the feedback given to them from it. I've downloaded mine and plan on playing it today. "POSTWORLD" is created by a small development team and in doing so is able to create it how they see fit. There is no publishing interference and it has all the gore, action and role-playing elements needed to make it a one-in-a-million, unique playing experience. The full release is slated for Autumn 2018.