"The Good Life" is an action adventure game developed by SWERY, Yukio Futatsugi and White Owls Inc. and created with Unity. Still being funded on Kickstarter, you can go and pledge today. In the game, you will play as Naomi, a woman who has to take a job from a newspaper in New York to repay a debt. You'll be moved to "the happiest town in the world" and the game chronicles all the bizarre happenings during your time there. You'll be tasked with earning money from selling pictures you take, solving a murder, and completing side quests for the townspeople.

Be careful, though -- how you interact with the townspeople will affect how their lives play out, and how the story ends. Earn money to maintain yourself Day To Day, solve the murder, and discover the secrets "the happiest town in the world" is hiding.

'The Good Life': Unique features

There is so much content to explore and utilize in this thrilling experience. Beginning with a daily cycle of morning and night, maintaining your health, food, thirst, fun, etc., you will be tasked with living day to day as you would in the real world. Experience change in seasons, and take new and exciting pictures based on your surroundings. Move items laying around, from garden gnomes to wooden crates. Create that perfect picture and get creative.

To earn cash, you can, of course, take pictures and sell them. You have a few different options when it comes to this. You can either sell them to the local newspaper, Morningvale, or submit your photos on your phone app, Flamingo. Here you will earn cash for every like you receive. Another way to earn cash is by working a part-time job.

Choose from something like bartending, to even mining. The choice is yours.

Spend your money the way you see fit. There are a ton of things you can buy, including different fashion options, getting a drink at the local pub, or splurging and buying that new camera lens you've been wanting. There will be quests where new camera equipment is paramount, so be careful and spend wisely.

A vast Open World is there for you to explore. Beginning in a small town, you will be able to venture out into the unknown. Traverse forests, mines, and even ride sheep to get there quicker. Different sheep will have different rates of speed and are this game's version of quick transportation. There's plenty to find and take pictures of, so get out there!

Look out for the maturity of this game as well. The graphics and light-heartedness may seem like they are for everyone, however, you'll quickly notice that your character Naomi has the mouth of a sailor and there are some hilarious phrases that are said.

Dynamic AI in 'The Good Life'

Perhaps the thing that draws me in the most about this game is the behavior of the AI.

Many will perform differently when people are looking and it's up to you to figure out how to capture their secrets without drawing attention! For instance, in a side quest, you are tasked with obtaining proof that a woman's husband is drinking all day without her knowledge. Sure enough, you can find him in a pub. However, you only see him sitting at a table with a teapot in front of him. Something doesn't seem right to you, though, and as you get closer you notice there is a beer mug in his hand under the table. Surely you cannot just take his photo right in front of him. If you step outside the door, though, you'll notice he retrieves the mug and begins drinking. It's up to you to figure out how to capture the photo of him drinking and provide proof for his worried wife.