Just when everyone thought the giant-sized glitch was over, think again. The bug that was previously encountered by some "Fortnite" players seems to be making a comeback, but this time, it's the guns that have gone super-sized.

Giant size glitch is back

Redditor u/PrestonMichae brought this to light over on the FortniteBR subreddit where he showed a short clip featuring the glitch. Per the video, a couple of players who were playing duos were in Loot Lake when a massive Burst Rifle suddenly popped up in the lake. However, it looks like the person experiencing the glitch was the only one seeing the bug as it can be heard from the background that his teammate was asking what he just saw.

As mentioned, this bug was already seen by players a couple of months back, though it manifested as creepy giant heads that walk around the map. Someone from Epic even made a funny comment over on Reddit suggesting that players should have their jump pads and boogie bombs ready to stop these titans. That said, the "Fortnite" faithful pitched in back then to have a so-called titan mode in the third-person shooter.

Save replay not working on PS4

Another bug that has been experienced by PlayStation 4 players lately is one where they are unable to save their replays. Some of them suggest that a save is still possible, though it can only be done on shorter clips.

Others came to an assumption that the "new save file" is limited and saving a full game will not be possible. Epic, on the other hand, has yet to make a statement about it.

Issues addressed

Meanwhile, the game maker has finally addressed the game's peeking, weapon swapping and even the fate of the Guided Missile which is deemed to be OP.

Per Epic's notes, they've accidentally brought in a bug that resulted in players shooting their own structures when peeking. They added that they'll be reverting such change in V3.5.2 that will be out this week.

As for weapon swapping, they will be returning the previous equip time for both Snipers and Crossbows as they don't benefit from quick switching.

However, the game developer pointed out that they'll be retaining the weapon delay for the remainder of the weapons (Shotties, Hand Cannon, Revolver, Rocket Launcher). They also hinted that weapon equip animations will be tweaked in upcoming updates.

Sad news though for Guided Missile fanatics as Epic stated that the weapon has been locked away for the meantime as they figure out what to do with it. Check out a video about "Fortnite" below: