Back in 2005, "God Of War" launched on the PlayStation 2 to an overwhelmingly positive reception. Based on Greek Mythology, SIE Santa Monica Studio's action-adventure blends graphic violence with large-scale boss battles and fact-based action. At the time, the original game was a risky move for Sony, but it more than paid off.

After three main games, a prequel, and a couple of spin-offs; "God of War" is changing things up for its first foray on the PlayStation 4. Currently averaging a Metacritic score of 95, Kratos' latest adventure is the highest rated non-remastered title on Sony's console.

Bolstered by near flawless graphics and satisfying combat, is there any reason to not pick up the PlayStation 4's latest exclusive?

'God of War' is not really for fans

That is not to say gamers who love the franchise should expect to be disappointed by the new PlayStation 4 title, but "God of War" strays far away from its roots. The fixed third-person perspective popularized by Sony's series has been replaced by an over-the-shoulder camera. Combat remains as aggressive and engaging as ever, but it is a completely different beast to the hack-and-slash mechanics of previous entries. "God of War" keeps enemies close and personal, with every hit feeling impactful and important. With a skill tree and unlockable armor, SIE Santa Monica Studio's series is as close to an RPG as it has ever been.

Kratos was always an emotional man, but he tended to rely on anger to get the point across. Partnered up with a kid, "God of War's" protagonist has matured considerably since his last outing. This time around, Kratos actually has something to protect and is not merely retaliating against a previous wrong.

"God of War" devotees who absolutely adore the franchise's unique gameplay might yearn for a return to the days of old, but the PlayStation 4 action-RPG marks an exciting new chapter in Sony's franchise.

PlayStation 4's crowning achievement

"Horizon Zero Dawn," "Persona 5," and "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End" are only three Sony exclusives to hit the scene since the PlayStation 4's inauguration. Even if not every game ranks among the best of the generation, in the last couple of years, Sony has delivered some great titles.

"God of War" not only promises to extend this trend but might end up being the PlayStation 4's defining moment. Kratos has changed considerably since his last adventure, but the franchise has not lost its magic touch!

"God of War" will be available to purchase from April 20.