The Nintendo Switch is the hottest hybrid console from Nintendo right now. But no system is perfect and Switch is not an exception. There has been a leak that addresses the issue on the cloud Saving option that plagues the hybrid console. They even added some extra features that are 3DS and Wii U friendly.

Major update leaks

Leaked Nintendo documents contain clues about the next plans for the Switch. According to Express, the leaked documents suggest that Nintendo is "working on the ability to transfer saves across multiple consoles". This is a sought out feature from the hybrid users, as it will make sharing things easier.

What's the deal with this? Well, it will just mean that users with uninitialised save data can be transferred to multiple consoles. So if you played a game borrowing your friend's console and wants to resume that game with your own console, it can be done by transferring save data.

Nintendo's fix for frequent missing controllers

If you're one of those players who misplaces their Switch controllers every now and then, you can rejoice now as Nintendo got some new features to help you find your missing controller in no time. There would be a new vibration feature added in the update. To use the new feature can be used through Controllers and select Find Controllers. New icons based on "Splatoon 2" characters are also available to be used as Home Menu icon.

To do this, go to Settings, Users, Change Order.

Games that are coming to Switch

"Stardew Valley", "Skyrim", "Hollow Knight", "Rocket League", and "WarGroove" are expected to come late of this year, and hopefully, no games will be delayed. The earliest game that will be available is "Splatoon 2" which will be on the shelves this July 21, and "Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle" which will be coming on August 29.

"Super Mario Odyssey" will be coming in October. What a great year to be alive for Mario fans, as a couple of Mario games will be on Switch.

First-time on-sale games for Switch

Good old BestBuy will be selling Nintendo Switch games on discount, so you better prepare. Some titles are first timers in the discount world, and a pretty great 20% off will be offered if you are a Gamers Club Unlocked member.

The games included are "The Binding of Issac: Afterbirth+" and "Puyo Puyo" made a great Indie Tandem. "Just Dance 2017", "GTA for kids" and "Lego City Undercover" joins the pool of discounted games for $40.