The premiere of the Mi Gaming Laptop was held at the promotional event of Mi Mix 2S smartphone, at Shanghai. The laptop looks strangely ordinary with the absence of any stylish branding done to the notebook’s lid. Unlike any other gaming laptop, this notebook appears appropriate and classy for both a gaming space and an office environment that uses Snap-dragon based professional laptops.

Notebook 'wild on the inside'

Lei Jung, the CEO of Xiaomi, gives the notebook a promotional twist describing it as “mild on the outside, wild on the inside”.

Let’s check the specifications to see how much wilder it gets than the epic gaming consoles.

The hardware of the Xiaomi looks quite like a fire in the market space, packing in the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060. You can find the base model of the same device with GTX 1050Ti. The CPU liabilities are well-handled by the 1 TB hard drive, an SSD of 256 GB NVMe, memory of 16 GB DDR4 and the Intel Core-i7 7700HQ. The 15.6 inch display looks stunning with 1080 progressive scan.

In addition to these remarkable gaming frames, the team has brought a 4-zone personalization to the 16 million gaming colors displaying its spectacular variability with the RGB keyboard. You can tune the speaker setup to revel in Dolby Atmos.

Heat displacement and fans

Furthermore, the Mi gaming laptop brags a 12V cooling fan, huge heat pipes, and four fan outlets to dissipate the surged heat, so there should not be any thermal shutdown problem with the power competent card, GTX 1060, being used.

To boot it more, Jung’s gaming team has devoted a ‘TORNADO’ button to flood the cooling solution in full tilt and reduce the temperature to a frosty 3-degrees Celsius. This thrill is set to happen in a time span of just 10 minutes or less. Nevertheless, the efficiency of the thermal design is yet to be tested.

On the other hand, the assorted connectivity is what attracts many of the gamers.

There is an HDMI out with an Ethernet, two ports of USB-C and four 3.0 USB.

The Mi gaming laptop arrives at the market with its wildfire of hardware specs

These ultimate riders of the first gaming venture of Xiaomi are all enclosed and polished off in a small design of just 20.99 mm and narrow bezels. It definitely does not give you the arrangement of an ultrabook element but surely belongs to the thin and light assemblage.

According to NDTV, the pricing looks as attractive as the technical specs. The extravagant version including 256 GB SSD, 16 GB RAM and GTX 1060 is available at around $1,399 while the base model comprising of 1 TB hard drive, 128 GB SSD, 8 GB RAM, Intel Core-i5 CPU and GTX 1050 Ti looks adorable at a price $1,000 less.

Make an intellectual choice by going for the base model if you wish to use this Mi gaming laptop for both professional and gaming reasons.