Charlie Adam, the midfielder of Stoke City, admits that the small tobacco pouches called "snus' are quite famous in British Football. It is banned in the United Kingdom since 1992 and is also on the watch list of the World Anti-Doping Agency. However, Adam states that many players use the Scandinavian tobacco product.

'Snus' is 'the thing' in British football

"Snus" is a stimulant nicotine used to enhance the performance of the players. It is predominant among football players, claims A Daily Mail investigator.

“I see many fellows taking "snus" daily.

But, I have never tried it. At the moment, it is kind of a custom followed in the game. It is not only the case in Premier League but League One, League Two, and even the Championship”, adds Charlie Adam.

Pep Guardiola, the coach of Manchester City, said that his doctor is in talking terms with his team, although there is no trace of his players using "snus." The Spanish manager said on Friday, “I do not know the pleasure or the benefits of "snus." I came to know when the doctor talked about it this morning while I was getting ready for the training session. He has spoken to the squad.”

Jamie Vardy, the striker of Leicester City, earlier admitted having been using these nicotine sacks. His autobiography reveals that when he joined Leicester, he started using "snus" by placing it under the gums for about 10 minutes.

He was never a man to follow the rules of the book. Multiple football players are using it, and some hold it in their mouth even during matches.

The Football Association (FA) warns the players against the dangers of using legal highs

The anti-doping program of Football Association completely conforms with the Anti-Doping Agency code.Substances like "snus" are banned in and out of the race.

A crucial part of the association’s anti-doping program includes protecting the mental and physical health of players through various education packages. The program is primarily used to preserve and uphold the integrity of football.

The smokeless tobacco "snus" was found in a pouch among the rubbish in the Leicester City bunker.

There is no suggestion of any offense. Nevertheless, the number of players turning to use it is causing a big uneasiness among the managers. One coach claims that the football players are using it to suppress the appetite without knowing the impending health risks.

"Snus" is a widespread disaster. It gives you the required high, and football players use it during the matches.