It was March of 2015 that saw the gothic RPG game "Bloodborne" hit the shelves of stores around the world. Players were quick to snatch the game up after the amazing success of "Dark Souls," a similar RPG game from developers FromSoftware. "Bloodborne" was a quick hit, and it seems like Player's love for the game is seemingly endless. A large new community event is taking place as we speak.

The community event

"Bloodborne" amassed a large player base at launch due to the diverse style of gameplay that the game offered. An RPG allows players to customize their own character, and build their skills based on their own play-style.

This meant that people were able to play with a diverse range of characters which included a damage-based ranger, or a swift sword master. Naturally, the community thrived and the fan forums were filled with people sharing their own unique experiences with each other.

It seems as though the developers of "Bloodborne" are just as passionate about their community. It was reported last week that "Return To Yharnam" was a new viral event that was being pushed by FromSoftware and fans. In "Return To Yharnam," players are encouraged to create a new character, engage with the co-op community that is on the game, and in general, just re-live the glory of defeating the bosses and exploring the beautifully haunting game all over again.

Playstation's monthly game title

The "Return To Yharnam" community event has come at a great time for PlayStation Plus members as "Bloodborne" is their game of the month. The game of the month is Playstation's way of thanking their loyal audience by releasing games at a discounted cost, or even sometimes for free. What this means is that people, who haven't played the game, are now being given an amazing opportunity to get their hands on it, and the "Bloodborne" community is being given an opportunity to flourish and gather a larger community.

"Return To Yharnam" has tied in perfectly with PlayStation's game of the month, meaning that the game is once again filled with players, both old and new.

This is an extremely strategic move on the parts of both Sony and FromSoftware, as both companies have increased the interest in purchasing. PlayStation audiences may be tempted to add the PlayStation Plus addition to their subscription in order to get "Bloodborne" and needless to say FromSoftware will be seeing a fluctuation in their sales as the game is, once again, available for public consumption.

If you have a PlayStation Plus pass and are looking for a game to sink hours into, then "Bloodborne" is the perfect game to do just that. Previous owners of "Bloodborne" should also make the most of this opportunity to dive back in and join in on this community event.