The latest updates for the new "God Of War" game reveal the possible cliffhanger to the ending and development ideas for the next sequels. Santa Monica Studio's Game Director Cory Balrog told Daily Star their plans of how they will end the fourth game's to story and it may lead to future sequels in the "GoW" franchise.

The next "God of War" sequel will feature Kratos living in the uncharted lands of Norway after his victory against Zeus and the Olympian gods in the third game. He now has a son named Atreus and there will take them to unknown realms, encounter new deities and monsters, and discover their true purpose in the story.

Game ending extended?

According to Cory Balrog, the development team is planning something different for the sequel and it will not feature a "New Game Plus" mode from the previous titles. The latter stated on Twitter that the new planned feature will allow players to extend their gameplay time in the sequel after they finish the whole storyline.

Twitter username Mystical Black asked Balrog if there are more activities to do in the game after completing the main story as the game director replied by saying that there is, but he does not want to spoil it for the video game fans.

Balrog revealed that it has something to do with the possible cliffhanger at the end of the game and Daily Start compared it with the cliffhanger in "God of War 2" wherein Kratos heads to Olympus to confront Zeus and the other gods with the help of the Titans, teasing that they might repeat it in the new title.

"It's both. So you get a bit of that and you also get the natural feeling of a conclusion to the game's story," Balrog said. "And then, like I said, I have never in anything I've ever worked on put as many secrets in a game as now. They're literally everywhere."

With that said, fans of the "GoW" series will be excited to see if the new sequel will feature DLC expansion that will expand its rich storyline, and its conclusion could lead to more creative plots in the next chapter of the franchise.

Plans for next sequels

Santa Monica Studio's community strategist Aaron Kaufman told YouTube channel, Jagat Review, that they are planning to continue to evolve the foundation Kratos and Atreus's relationship in the next "GoW" sequels and they are sticking with themes related to Norse Mythology.

The game developers teased that the next titles could see a reversal of roles from both characters as the story could be focused on Atreus, making him the main lead instead of his father. Atreus will grow from a curious and naive boy to a battle-hardened fighter and hunter now that he discovered his true heritage.

The sequel will be available on April 20 for the PlayStation 4 console.