The “Pokemon GOEaster-themed Event has returned. Although it started a bit earlier this year, it is going to last for a limited time. Coincidentally, the third Pokémon GO Community Day event was hosted alongside the Easter event. Most players were not satisfied with the last year’s “Pokemon GO” Easter event which happened to be the first. However, this year’s event seems to be more interesting because it appears Developer Niantic considered some players’ suggestion on how to make the event more exciting like the New Year’s Starter Hunt, Water festival, and of course the Community Day event.

The previous 'Pokemon GO' Egg themed Easter event was boring

Last year, the “Pokemon GOEaster event was announced and launched early. It started a day before Good Friday and lasted all through the week. A wide range of 2KM Pokemon Eggs such as Larvitar, Lapras, Dunspace, Magby, Onix, Phanphy, Rhyhorn, Scyther, Shellder, Skarmory, Shuckle, Stantler, Tangela, Tyrogue, Wooper, Sneasel, Smoochum, and Chiki were hatched during the event. In fact, some of the Pokemon that were hatched during the event such as Chikorita, Totodile, Cyndaquil, Chansey, Porygon, and Mareep were from 5KM and 10KM tiers.

According to some players, it was very weird and less exciting. It only made them walk a lot just to hatch unnecessary Eggs.

Also, there wasn't any change in the spawning biomes, the bonuses players were promised such as the extra candy wasn’t even close to double. Moreover, the Pokemon that were hatched were the ones players were used to. There was no fun in the event at all. The bored players suggested that making eggs quarter distance across the board would have made the event exciting.

2018 'Pokemon GO' Easter event is exciting

This year’s “Pokemon GOEaster event is more exciting than it was last year. The ”eggciting” event kicked off on March 22 and will draw to a close on April 2. It will feature new and rare creatures in 2KM Eggs and bonuses such as increased Candy drops from all Eggs, double XP increase with the Lucky Eggs gaining four times XP boost, limited store boxes, and half the cost of Lucky Eggs in the “Pokemon GO” store.

Capturing any Pokemon will now take 200XP instead of 100XP, catching a Pokemon with a curveball will now take 20XP instead of 10XP and many more. In fact, the most interesting thing about this event is that you will get a four times boost for 30 minutes with a Lucky Egg.