"Overwatch" released a new Hero this week and she is one that players and fans have been raving about since Reinhardt’s cinematic was posted in November. Her name is Brigitte Lindholm and she is Torbjorn’s youngest daughter. With her debut, players all over social media began petitioning to have her made a playable character and "Overwatch" quickly answered their prayers. On February 28 of this year, Brigitte was officially announced as a support hero.

Her story

Brigitte started off as Torbjorn’s daughter and Reinhardt’s godchild. Being such, she spent much time working on and fixing Reinhardt’s armor, becoming a loved mechanic.

As mentioned in her cinematic, she had a long-standing belief that to help the heroes with their weapons and machinery was to be a hero in itself. They were people sitting in the shadows that deserved as much recognition.

After Reinhardt’s loss, though, Brigitte’s mentality changed. She suddenly began to understand that if she had the capability of being helpful in other ways, that she would no longer be a bystander to the struggles at hand. She promptly decided to involve herself in her father and Reinhardt's life, working with them to become a hero in her own right to defend and protect those who needed it most. She understands clearly that heroes are not perfect and need protecting as well and it shows her particular attachment to her family.

In game

Brigitte is a particularly easy hero to play in the game. She is written as a support but has many qualities of a hybrid tank. Her armor also makes her appear as such and she can likely be played. In terms of her abilities as well as her external appearances, she is a mix between her father, Torbjorn, as well as Reinhardt.

She has inherited her father’s ability to provide armor to allies while sporting Reinhardt’s external armor and shield.

Her heal ability can also over-heal allies and provide extra armor, making her a great ally on any team. Her stun and hybrid tank capabilities give way to a hero that can be easy to learn and master, making her a potential notable enemy to opposing teams.

"Overwatch" has specialized in giving players heroes and villains with very human qualities as well as designs that we can all relate to, at least for the most part. Brigitte is a character many fans were raving about the moment she was seen in Reinhardt’s cinematic and we are more than excited to see her incorporated into the "Overwatch" family.