The Elder Scroll VI” is one of the highly anticipated titles from the gaming giant Bethesda. Since 2016, fans have been speculating on the release of the much-awaited installment but to no avail. There were several listings of the game from several gaming sites that were proven not true. The company has maintained its silence about its titles and what it is currently developing. However, a new job listing from the maker of the game was recently spotted. This triggered further speculation that the highly-anticipated title is going to be in production and might be released in 2019.

Job listing

Bethesda has been 'mum' about what it is planning to release in 2018. However, it appears that fans will have the latest information about what the company has to offer in the upcoming E3 event. Many fans are guessing that “Elder Scrolls VI” or “Fallout Vegas” might be announced. While the event is still several weeks away, a new job listing may have hinted at what could be coming soon.

The game publisher has made a job listing at the ZeniMax stage recruiting for a quest designer to work with its power team in Austin, Texas. As listed, Bethesda is looking for an individual who has the ability to design and document quests and stories. The lucky individual will be tasked to apply quests in the company’s proprietary toolset.

In addition, they will also be used for the company’s future next generation products. Aside from this, the job also requires aspirants to have the capability of writing dialogues, creating a narrative structure, as well as writing scripts for gameplays.

Other details

The job listing has not mentioned any specifics but it appears as if Bethesda is preparing for a massive project.

In the past, there were talks that the gaming giant is going to release the sixth installment of “Elder Scrolls.” Pete Hines, Vice President of Bethesda Softworks and In-charge of PR and Marketing have hinted about this before along with a couple other games. Some fans believe it could be an adventure title connected with “Skyrim” while others claim the listing could be for another stellar project called “Starfield.” The latter was teased during last year’s E3 event but was never revealed.

It is possible that the gaming giant could have the title on hand and might release it this year. However, at this point, nothing is confirmed yet.

Fans will find out what the gaming company is up to soon. I will keep you posted on the latest news and updates from Bethesda, whether it’s “The Elder Scrolls VI,” another “Fallout” project or “Starfield.”