"DARCO - Reign Of Elements" mixes dragons and steampunk in a vast open-world survival game where you will be pitted against the elements and mechanical creatures trying to kill you at every moment. Developed by TP-Studios, you'll be dropped into a huge world of gigantic ships floating over an endless ocean. You will never be alone, though, as this is a multiplayer where you will also be granted a dragon to care for and grow as your progress through the world.

You're a mechanic, exploring what's left of the world and scavenging everything you can for survival.

You'll need to fend off impending attacks from machines and other players, while at the same time maintain your needs, craft weapons, and building your shelter.

The world of 'DARCO - Reign of Elements'

You will delve into an incredible story once entering the world. After the invention of the steam engine, humanity was able to create vast technical wonders. However, a terrible disaster hit and drowned the world in deep oceans. Foreseeing this horrific event, some of the top engineers of the world were able to craft ecosystems amid giant floating ships to hover over the oceans. For centuries these ships were a safe haven for humanity and they were able to live in peace.

This didn't last, though, as dragons began to appear and attack the ships.

Through invention, man was able to craft mechanical beasts to fight off the dragons and maintain stability. This didn't prove to be enough, though, as the dragons killed every warrior and beast until just a small group of humanity was left to scavenge for survival and hide amidst the dragons.

The great factories that once created the mechanical beasts kept running, and malfunctions began to develop, making them attack anything and everything.

Will you be able to survive and live among these terrorizing beasts and flying dragons?

'DARCO' inspirations and gameplay

Inspiration is all around us and it just takes a little bit to be able to create something unique and special. For "DARCO - Reign of Elements," "Bioshock," "Horizon Zero Dawn" and "ARK: Survival Evolved," all played a pivotal role in creation and creativity.

The developers took features and interesting concepts from each game and combined them with their own astonishing vision to make one thought-provoking and rare gaming experience. Taking a popular concept like steampunk and adding mythical dragons to the mix is a one in a million opportunity, and thankfully, we get to see such a thing come to fruition.

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