Epic Game's content streak continues as they've teased a new item that will be dropped in "Fortnite's" Battle Royale mode. This is just one of the reasons why the third-person shooter so addicting that some folks who play the game carry a bit of it in real life.

Fortniting folks

A couple of days ago, the two German Football teams – Karlsruher SC and Chemnitzer FC faced off in the country's third tier league known as Liga. Karlsruher was already leading 1-0 when another goal was contributed by one of their defenders – Daniel Gordon (3). What followed next clearly shows that the sportsman is also a fan of Epic's hilarious title.

Just moments after nailing goal number two, Gordon celebrated "Fortnite" style as he did a knocked down crawl. Two of his teammates joined in as one did a pickaxe move while the other did the bandage.

That part of the match was even posted on FortniteBR's subreddit and has been upvoted for over 20,000 times. A member of the subreddit who might have watched the game claimed that the commentator didn't know what Gordon did and just went on saying something along the lines of "whipping the old man who's on the ground."

Such move was also spotted in a baseball match among friends as the batter/hitter managed to slug a double to the right. Just like the above-mentioned football match, the hitter did some "Fortnite" moves that made a few laughs.

Clubgoers, on the other hand, are quite creative in putting up some of their own "Fortnite" moves. In a short clip tweeted by @StoolGametime, a dude can be seen dancing as if he's chugging down some shield potion.

It was then followed by the bandage move as the man finally went hard on the pickaxe.

Someone can even be heard in the background shouting "that's 'Fortnite'" while others cheered on.

'Take the fight to all new heights'

As mentioned, a new item has been teased for the game's Battle Royale mode. The jetpack has just been unveiled by Epic as an upcoming item in BR and the game player base is excited about this.

"Fortnite" faithfuls are now musing as to how this inbound item would work in the game whether will it be just a one-time use item or something that will have a cooldown on it. It was not disclosed on when this will go live in the game, but if the developers' penchant is anything to go by, game buffs are leaning towards this Thursday, March 1. While waiting for this update to officially drop, check out a video about the game here: