Epic Games has recently announced a mobile version of "Fortnite Battle Royale." While the mobile version is still not available for download, iOS users will get the opportunity to test it out soon as the game developer will allow applications on Monday, March 12. If your application gets accepted, you will receive an invite with a download link for the application.

While the game developer hasn't revealed many information regarding the mobile version of the popular video game, we know that it will support cross-play and cross-progression between mobile devices and PC, Mac, and PlayStation 4.

Xbox One was once again excluded from the list, causing the backlash among the Microsoft console gamers. However, Microsoft has some good news for Xbox One users as it seems that cross-play could soon be available on this console as well.

Cross-play coming to Xbox One, PS4 excluded

Epic Games has officially confirmed that cross-play and cross-progression is coming to "Fortnite Battle Royale" on Xbox One. However, the cross-play will be available between Xbox One users and players who play on PC, Mac, and mobile devices. There is no news regarding PlayStation 4, but we will keep you updated.

Even though Sony's console has cross-play on "Fortnite," it was Microsoft who was in favor of cross-play gaming between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Sony didn't like this idea and even refused to enable this feature for two other big games, "Rocket League" and "Minecraft." However, when it comes to "Fortnite" and Epic Games, Sony has made sure that PlayStation 4 gamers keep their progression while playing on PC or Mac.

Unfortunately, cross-progression and cross-play are not enabled on Xbox One at the moment, but Epic Games issued an official statement, confirming that it's coming to the platform.

It could come very soon

In September last year, Epic Games accidentally enabled cross-play between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players in Save the World mode of "Fortnite." This was an unintended mistake which was fixed shortly after. However, it shows us that cross-platform play between these two rival consoles is possible and that it could be enabled at any moment.

Considering that the mobile version of "Fortnite Battle Royale" is coming out soon, it won't be surprising if Microsoft reaches an agreement with Epic Games and Sony before most players get their hands on the portable variant of the game. This would allow Xbox One players to play "Fortnite" on their mobile devices while keeping their progress.