On March 8, Epic Games released the 3.2 patch to their hugely popular "Fortnite" games that, in addition to fixing bugs and bringing new features like teams of twenty and hoverboard boost pads, weakened the stats of certain rare weapons that players either spent money on or took hours to collect. On r/FORTnITE, the subreddit dedicated to "Fortnite: Save The World," several threads were posted in which users complained that the stats were changed without letting them know beforehand. One Redditor described it as

"...like a thief in the night, they came in without telling us and literally rerolled people's event weapons.

Completely. And if you had something great before and the next time you logged in that gun was trash."

Epic Games' statement

Epic Games released a statement on Reddit later in the day titled "Dragon Weapon Re-Rolls" in which they explained that they changed some of the stats because "they did not follow our normal perk rolling rules." The developers also stated that they were still working on the perks system and outlined a number of goals, one of which mentioned giving the players more control over the weapon perks.

However, people were not satisfied with the statement. While some liked the idea. "Overall it's a good thing; it means more quality rolls weapons for the players,"

Most of them were not happy at all.

Many users uploaded picture evidence of their weapons that did not follow the re-roll parameters and still got re-rolled, and asked the developers if they could specify exactly what they meant by "normal rules."

One comment said: "So basically, it's just "Deal with it, we messed up your weapons, and you are going to have to live with it until we add the super great reroll system when we feel like it." The fact that you did this at all without even saying you would is bad enough."

Refunds for the game

A few hours after Epic's statement, posts cropped up that suggested getting refunds for all the money spent on STW.

On a refund thread titled "I loved this game, but enough is enough," there were many comments from people who have spent close to a thousand dollars on the game and now wanted their money back. "I spent 800$, and they quite frankly have proven that they simply don't care enough about the ones who helped fund them. I've been patient enough."

And those who successfully managed to get their refunds replied to help them out.

"Go here and fill out the form. You’ll be able to get a refund for everything you spent money on. The time for the actual refund seems to vary wildly, but you should get it within a week."

The whole issue with "STW" players seemed to have reached boiling point as many felt like they had been sidelined multiple times in the past before this re-roll dilemma.

After Epic announced that they were planning iOS and Android versions of "Battle Royale," one user posted a thread titled "Are you serious Epic?" where he accused the developers of neglecting the "STW" player base and not spending any money on them. The post currently has over 700 points and 375 comments.