Epic Games has been without a doubt striking the hot "Fortnite" iron as they keep on rolling out updates and features into the game. One of the upcoming features – the Replay Mode – will allow players to look back at their gameplays and edit it to produce some awesome content. That said, there was a recent gameplay highlight of a fan that was so good that the game maker was pretty much hit right in the feels.

A friend to the end

Someone from the FortniteBR subreddit recently posted his gameplay footage where it featured another random player that refused to give up on him and tried helping him make it inside the circle.

The fellow's effort was so impressive that he believes that such act calls for a proper recognition.

Per the Redditor (Sleightly-Magical), it was a clip from "Fortnite's" 20v20 mode where his team was left outside the circle due to an intense shoot fest. He stated that he knew for himself that he will not make it back inside the circle so he gave off a salute to his teammates before getting knocked down. However, this dude kept on healing him.

The fellow was so persistent in what he's doing that the Redditor stated that he tried hiding from that player. However, that random guy kept on popping up and heals him every single time. He added that playing it was so emotional for him. He even recalled the time he and both his sister and brother-in-law were yelling at the screen telling that player to just go on and save himself.

Sadly, both of them already ran out of luck as they got knocked down and eventually got eliminated.

He got hit too

The three-minute clip has been gaining traction on the said subreddit as it has been getting a hefty sum of upvotes (4.5K at the time of writing).

A staff from Epic also took notice of the video and looks like he too was moved by the player's gesture as he commented that he's all in his feelings right now (could be partly due to the "Now We Are Free" song from the film "Gladiator"). Keen-eyed members of the subreddit, on the other hand, checked on the username of the random player as Lucas_Daddy6.

Similar gameplay videos have been making rounds on the web in which the most popular was the rocket ride clip where a player sent back a couple of fellow gamers back to the circle using the said technique. Meanwhile, the aforementioned Replay/Theater Mode still has no definite release date. However, knowing Epic, a roll out date won't be that long.

Check out a video about "Fortnite" here: