Right after the epic collaboration of game streamer Ninja and rapper/songwriter Drake on Twitch a few days ago, it looks like other celebrities would also like to hop into the "Fortnite" hype train and try the game for themselves. A good example is a well-known (and controversial) YouTuber that is likely prepping up for his Twitch debut.

Getting ready

YouTube vlogger/actor Logan Paul has been noticeably in and out of the YT platform these past few weeks. It may well seem that everything's back to normal now as his vlogs are on the daily as of late.

However, his recent vlog is quite interesting as he announced that he'll be putting up his own channel on Twitch and could begin streaming "Fortnite."

The elder Paul brother explained that it was his best friend Evan's (Twitch: @black_mamba) idea to have a Twitch channel and stream alongside him. He also made quite a revelation stating that he was a gamer back in seventh grade as he played "World of Warcraft." He had to stop though since he got too addicted playing the game adding that his parents would literally pull him away from the PC.

Paul's new video also showed him and his crew buying $6,000 worth of gaming PC equipment and his own rig will be built by no other than his best bud Evan. At the tail end of the vlog, he then revealed his official Twitch username as @LoganPaulWasTaken.

This due to the fact that the Logan Paul handle name was already taken by another streamer. At the time of writing, his Twitch account has already raked in over 100,000 followers and over 40,000 views, not to mention that he hasn't streamed yet.

It's going down

Meanwhile, his fans (collectively known as the Logang) are pretty much aware by now that about his fight with another YouTuberKSI is a go after both parties agreed on each other's terms and signed a contract.

The boxing match – deemed by many as the biggest social media event to date will be happening on August 25 in the City of Manchester in England.

Their respective siblings – Jake Paul and Deji (ComedyShortsGamer), on the other hand, were also supposed to slug it out on that upcoming event.

However, it looks like it's not going to happen after both camps haven't found a common ground for their terms and conditions.

Epic Games is cooking up a so-called Fortnite Party Royale where they'll be pairing the world's top players of the game with the best entertainers and athletes across the globe. The event will take place during this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) at the Los Angeles Convention Center in June. Check out a video about the game here: