"Far Cry" originated in 1999 by German developers Crytek and published by Ubisoft. In 2004, they released their first game titled "Far Cry 1." It succeeded by demonstrating their new gaming engine called Cry Engine. Exclusively for the PC platform. This first-person shooter has a gorgeous mega-sized environment that won over the crowd instantly. Like the US Navy Seals, you could devastate from land, sea, and the air. With a strategy, you can ambush your opponent with style then disappear like a ninja. You play as Jack Carver, an ex-special forces commando who is now running a charter boat business in the south pacific.

Carver is hired by Valerie Constantine, a woman who wants to explore the secret fictional uncharted islands in Micronesia. While sailing you get attacked and become stranded on this Bermuda triangle look alike. Dr. Krieger, a mad scientist behind the attack, decides to produce genetic freakish mutations. Once unleashed throughout the island, you are given a lot of target practice. Although the storyline was not that good, it had its moments.

'Far Cry: Instincts'

"Far Cry: Instincts," with new developer Ubisoft Montreal, this fresh franchise was designed in theory to launch for multiple consoles. Eventually, it came out exclusively for the Xbox. It was a whole new video game but had the same character and graphics.

The additional abilities of this game were duel wheeled weapons, like the old James Bond video game "Goldeneye" for the Nintendo 64.

My favorite feature is called the pharaoh. This gave you superpowers: Super speed, quick healing, and night vision. This video game was still a good buy. The release date was on September 27, 2005, in North America and September 30, 2005, in Europe.

"Evolution" and "Predator," two separate videos games but released the same day on March 27, 2006. A two-in-one package deal for the next generation Xbox 360 console. The following installment was "Far Cry: Vengeance," released on December 12, 2006. Basically, the same video game but new features. The original "Far Cry" from the PC remodeled later titled "Far Cry: Classics" was released in 2014.

So, as you can see they milked the series pretty dry for that generation.

'Far Cry 2'

Lucky for us there were new characters and a better storyline, being able to cooperate with a variety of mercenaries, who are hired to kill a gun smuggler called the Jackal. Things go bad early in the game where you become ill from malaria. This gets you fired from your contract and left for dead.

After making a recovery, you began putting in work with local militias and fellow mercenaries to finish off the Jackal. The best feature about this game is the interactive and realistic feel they designed for the player. It simulated day and night and provided wear and tear mechanics that cause you to think conservative of your gameplay.

Once shot, you have to remove the bullet and stitch up your wounds to avoid bleeding out. Other realistic factors were vehicles breaking down, having to repair them while attempting to reach your next destination. My personal favorite is having your gun jam in the middle of a firefight causing your weapon to break.

The main problem you deal with is malaria that affected you at the start of the game. The malaria effect forces you to use your critical thinking skills to complete each mission. The quicker you gain medicine, the better your chances to prolonged this incurable disease.

'Far Cry 3'

Due to the criticism of part two being too difficult, Ubisoft decided to make it easier and, in my opinion, too easy, by adding safe houses everywhere compared to the previous version where you could only save in specific spots.

If you died your progress would be gone. Added features in "Far Cry 3" allowed you to take over territories, you literally could control the world.

I spent most of my time sneaking up on enemies and killing them "Tom Clancy's: Splinter Cell" style, minus the neck snapping. Keep one eye open for the wildlife and their aggressive tendencies, most look innocent behind a bush but guess again. Every animal you kill, the ability to skin them and obtain prizes can be used toward building your soldier.

'Far Cry 4'

With a better storyline and bigger scenery, the visuals for this video game definitely improved. My interest did not stick with the story, but with the massive open world demographics and ability to explore.

In this story, you play as Ajay Ghale a karat-American who has decided to bury his deceased mother's ashes in his hometown.

Like the previous video game title, expect the unexpected. In this plot, you get caught in between a civil war between the karat royal militia called "golden path" and the loud dressing King Pagan Min. voice over by (Troy Baker). Inspired by the Japanese film "Ichi Killer and Brother."

During this game, you have two separate paths to follow. Depending on which path you choose will dictate your fate. Newly added features allow you to ride animals and travel by helicopter in style or even using ninja style grabbling hooks to get to those out of reach spots. Overall because of the two years release from the previous version this game seemed the same and repetitive.

'Far Cry: Primal'

"Far Cry: Primal" which still is my favorite, begins in 10,000 B.C. You play as a tribal leader and hunter who wants revenge on a rival tribe, that destroyed his village and consumes people to gain their life sources. Within this newest edition there are no guns, but plenty of hack and slashing. You can not forget about the long-range arrows, anything better than being impaled randomly from a distance. The most popular feature is being able to control animals, to do your dirty work. Attack with an eagle from the sky or claw up your opponent with a tiger from Mike Tyson's personal collection.

'Far Cry 5'

Releasing March 27, 2018. This video game has quite a reputation built. I expect it to be a best seller this year.

Developed by Ubisoft Montreal for the platforms Microsoft Windows, PlayStation four and Xbox One. This will be the 11th installment and fifth main title for the franchise. Creative director Dan Hay explained that the design for the open world will be remodeled with upgraded mechanics.

The plot is set in a fictional religious based county in Montana. There, a military-minded cult called Eden Gate, built by a preacher named Joseph Seeds, resides. Seed uses violence and intimidation to keep his members in check, as he believes heaven has sent him to deliver the county to salvation.

Seed will be accompanied by a team called "the Heralds" that consists of nine soldiers, some trained and loyal to Seed, others regular working individuals that want a way out.

The great part of this game is you will be able to decide based on your actions who will join or die. During the story, you play as a Sheriff Deputy, part of a task force sent to Montana to arrest Seed.

With new mechanics, you have a recruitment system to support your cause. Every character has their own special skills and personality. When you build a relationship more missions, events, and characters will become available. The ability to control animals will still be a part of this version with an added fishing mechanic.

Campaign mode can be played single or with a friend through multiplayer called "friends for hire." A new feature is that you can edit the map and get an added free map editor titled "far cry 5: Arcade." Players will be able to build and share creations for single, multi, and cooperative player objectives. Once you complete a mission, you could earn in-game money and rewards toward the main campaign. With all these new features in a video game, you do not want to miss out.